Do Football Kickers Wear Soccer Cleats?

Do Football Kickers Wear Soccer Cleats?

Choosing the appropriate soccer cleats is very important for every football kicker. Feet play the most vital role in football, and that’s the only reason for choosing good quality cleats. 

As shoes are significant for the players’ performance, choosing the right shoes is necessary. However, there are different shoes for playing soccer and football individually. Still, many sports enthusiasts wonder if football kickers wear soccer cleats?

Yes, football kickers do wear soccer cleats and professional kickers usually wear leather soccer cleats. However, many kickers wear two different shoes, a soccer cleat and a plant foot shoe.

What do acthually NFL kickers wear?

kicker shoe

A good pair of football cleats play a significant role in their kicking technique. Check out the linked page for the best football cleats under $100 if you want a pair of budget-friendly cleats. Football kickers play a vital role in the entire match.

They pull the ball through the vast yellow field. Therefore, they need to give their best in the game. 

But how to choose a good quality and effective football cleat?

Well, to know that you can follow the top NFL teams. It will let you understand what the best cleats for NFL kickers are.

If you consider the New Orleans Saints, you may see that Garrett Hartley wears two different Under Armour Cleats. He usually wears Under Armour Cleats on his left and Dominates on the right. But his personal favourite is Under Armour Hydrastrike II Pros.

Next, if you follow Indianapolis Colts, Adam Vinatieri prefers to wear Under Armour Hydrastrike II Pros. Also, you will notice him wearing the Hydrastikes on both feet.

Kansas City Chiefs are one of the top-ranked soccer teams. And Ryan Succop, the best kicker in this team, prefers to wear Adidas Copa Mundials on the kicking foot. However, he is always fascinated by wearing classic cleats.

Steven Hauschka is also a famous kicker of the Seattle Seahawks team. He prefers to wear Mercurial Vapor VI boots.

Overall we can see the popular NFL kickers prefer kangaroo leather over synthetic leather. So, when you are choosing a cleat, make sure to choose one with extra grip and cushioning.

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Do football kickers kick with their toes?

Yes, many football kickers kick with their toes. When a toe-baller kicks, the front tip of the shoe directly contacts the ball. In soccer style, the arched portion and the laces of the shoe make contact with the ball. 

Here, we must say the maximum surface area of contact lets the kicker perfectly control the balls’ flight path. A toe-baller strikes the ball almost perfectly to put the ball on a successful path. But the soccer kick may cause more errors.

A toe-baller gives all the required force from the kicking leg. But in the soccer style, the kicker approaches the ball from the side. It creates more foot velocity. 

Therefore the soccer style creates more rotational momentum and more angular momentum in the foot. The angular momentum generates maximum foot speed and allows the players to deliver more force to the ball.

Why do kickers wear two different shoes?

different shoes

You may notice some kickers wearing two different shoes while they play.

But, do you know why they do so?

Well, kickers wear two different shoes on each foot to get better ankle support for their plant foot. 

Players land the plant foot just before kicking the ball. Therefore, they need proper strength and support to kick the ball.

The other reason behind wearing two different shoes in various field conditions. Sometimes the field conditions may not be favorable. 

Therefore the players need a proper pair of cleats according to the field. However, some kickers use screws in the cleats that they use as plant shoes.

Some players use different plant shoes to prevent ankle injuries. It helps them to maintain proper balance.

However, if the technique is perfect, there will always be perfect balance and stability. We’ve also created a list of cleats with best ankle support.

There are so many tricks that kickers use to optimize their kicking shoes. One of the most useful techniques is to cut the tongue flap and tuck the laces on the outside corner. It lets them have a flush striking surface.

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Do football kickers wear special shoes?

Football kickers usually wear a large variety of cleats. However, they wear cleats similar to soccer cleats. Even some players wear soccer cleats as well. 

There is no special kind of shoes for football kickers. But there are some factors that they consider before buying their cleats.

The kicking shoe should weigh less than the standard football cleat. Besides, the kicking shoe must-have thinner padding. It enhances the player’s contact with the ball. 

Football kickers consider these essential points before choosing a shoe. However, many football kickers prefer to wear two different shoes according to their convenience. One shoe ensures traction, while the other shoe ensures flexibility.

Sometimes the shoe type also depends on the ground type. For example, for artificial turf, the kicker will need a turf shoe. The turf shoes come with multiple built-in cleats. 

This kind of shoe provides more grip on the surface. Also, it offers more traction and support on the planted foot. 

Therefore, some kickers wear regular football cleats on the kicking foot and turf shoes on the planted foot.

Best kicking cleats for football

Do you know which football cleats are best for kicking? Well, there are a lot of options. Hawkwell Men’s cleats are one of the most efficient kicking cleats. This pair of cleats give you the best features. These shoes are flexible, lightweight, and they will give you a substantial feel.

Adidas Copas Mundial is another preferable cleat for kickers. It ensures even weight distribution and proper balance.

Football players have a great love for Nike Mercurial Vapor XI cleats. The exceptionally well construction of this shoe makes it perfect for kicking. Besides these top 3 kicking cleats, there are Adidas Nemeziz 18.3 and Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 that ensure the players’ best performance.

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Football Kicker Equipments

Football kicking Equipments

Football kicking equipment includes everything a kicker uses. The necessary football kicker equipment are:


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Kicking block

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Kicking shoe or soccer cleat

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Overall we must say that choosing a good quality soccer cleat is mandatory for every football kicker. The entire performance depends to some extent on the shoes. 

However, if you are only a kicker, you can wear two different shoes also. Hopefully, the information we have given here about soccer cleats will be helpful for you.

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