Top 10 Best Football Cleats For Quarterbacks in 2024

Best football cleats for Quarterbacks

The players of the quarterback position stand directly behind the centre for receiving the ball Hence, a quarterback’s task is to lead his team toward the end zone and score the maximum number of points.

The position of quarterback is one of the most critical in football, requiring both accuracy and agility on the field. Choosing the right pair of cleats can help quarterbacks perform at their best and avoid potential injuries.

With a enough of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which cleats are the most suitable. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 quarterback cleats available in the market, helping you make an informed decision.

Keeping these things in mind we have created a list of the best cleats for the quarterback position, which will always be with you, we have analysed the best football cleats according to your need and position requirements. Read the full article to get the appropriate cleat.

  • The Importance of Choosing the Right Cleats for Quarterbacks:-

A quarterback’s performance on the field can make or break a game. To ensure success, quarterbacks must have the right equipment, including the right pair of cleats. Choosing the right cleats is crucial for enhancing a quarterback’s performance, as it can help them avoid slips and falls and improve their agility.

  • Key Features of Quarterback Cleats:-

Quarterback cleats are specially designed to provide stability, support, and traction on the field. They often feature a lightweight design, a comfortable fit, and responsive cushioning systems. The cleats may also have specialized traction patterns that help quarterbacks pivot quickly and avoid slipping.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing Quarterback Cleats:-

When selecting cleats, quarterbacks should consider several factors, such as the type of playing surface, personal preferences for fit and style, and the level of support and cushioning required. It is also essential to choose a reputable brand that meets safety standards and provides durable, high-quality cleats.

To make an informed decision, quarterbacks can refer to a comprehensive buying guide that covers everything they need to know when selecting the best cleats for their position. With the right cleats, quarterbacks can elevate their game on the field and lead their team to victory.

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Under Armour Men's Spotlight Franchise-min Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Shoe

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JABASIC Kids Outdoor Football Cleats JABASIC Kids Outdoor Football Cleats Check Price Button
Hawkwell Men's Boys Youth-min Hawkwell Men’s Boys Youth Outdoor Cleats Check Price Button
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Nike Mens Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats Nike Mens Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats Check Price Button
Nike Men's Alpha Menace-min Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Varsity 2 Football Cleat Check Price Button
Under Armour Men's Breathe Under Armour Men’s Breathe Trainer Football Cleat Check Price Button
Under Armour Men's Highlight1 (13) Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low Rm Football Cleat Check Price Button
adidas cleat under $100 Adidas Men’s Goletto Vi Firm Ground Shoes Check Price Button
Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Men's Football Cleats

Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Men’s Football Cleats

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1. Under Armour Men's Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Shoe


✅ The EVA midsole which provides a comfortable feel.

✅ Great for traction and strength building.

✅ Breathable enough and lightweight enough.

✅ Looks stylish in colourful varient


❌ Sometimes most of the sizes are not available

Under Armour, men’s spotlight cleats are a great option when it comes to speed and the variety of designs.

These Football cleats are manufactured with 100% synthetic material which plays an important role not only in comfort but also in its weight. This might also help you.

With the help of rubber soles, you can get an advantage as it gives you a better grip and prevents you from slipping while you are in the field.

The football cleats come with E size fitting which provides users with a high level of comfort especially for those who have wide feet.

It doesn’t have any closer loop but it comes with ankle support which prevents your feet and provides maximum comfortability.

According to Quarterbacks position the upper part of the cleats is made with synthetic and mesh material which makes them breathe better and sustain for a long time.

These cleats also perform efficiently In intense situations.

They are designed with unique combinations and are available in five different colors.

It also features a three-piece rear panel for optimal fitting.

Overall if you’re looking for the best football cleats for quarterbacks under armour, men’s football cleats are a great choice to use.

2. JABASIC Kids Outdoor Football Cleats


✅ Comes with a unique pattern and color combination.

✅ Lightweight enough and feels breathable in the field

✅ Can be used in multiple sports events.

✅ Comes with strong spikes for better gripping


❌ They are not available in all sizes.

These outdoor football cleats come with rubber moulded insoles with a rotational traction configuration. This will help to reduce friction between the shoes and the ground which is very much required in the Quarterbacks position. The typical team scores on one-third of its offensive possessions, which result in either a touchdown or a field goal.

Also, the upper part of the Cleat is manufactured with synthetic fabric that makes it very lightweight and easy to wear.

The rubber moulded cleats also help to get better traction by reducing the friction in the field.

Before buying a football cleat you should always check the size chart and find your best fitting shoe, you can see the size chart on the product description page.

As this is a low top football cleat so it will be easier for you to move your feet freely, it also helps you to take sharp turns in the field

The synthetic fabric protection built inside the cleat provides better comfort, protection, and breathability. It can help reduce the eternal Impact on the shoe and lets you perform better in extreme conditions.

The cushion coating inside the shoe makes them lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear.

Colour options (single color, gradient, two-color combine)? Designing amount? overall looks?

These Quarterbacks football cleats come in 5 different color variants with more than 7 different sizes. All the colors come with unique designs and shades.

It is suitable for all kids, boys, and girls who are into the school championship tournament or training.

3. Hawkwell Men's Boys Youth Outdoor Cleats


✅ Comes with transparent powerful spikes

✅ Cushioned soft insoles are more suitable for long exercise.

✅ Excellent gripping in firm ground

✅ Comes in unique color shades


❌ Some Quarterbacks players complained about the small size

The Hawkwell youth football cleats are one of the good choices for the quarterback position. These football shoes are manufactured with 100% synthetic material which provides you the flexibility while playing. 

You’ll also find the best running back shoes with rubber soles. Another benefit you will get is you can’t disappoint with the grip between the shoe and the ground. 

It can help you to stabilize your feet and protects you from slipping.

An appropriate size chart is available To provide you a better vision hence no confusion can occur during choosing the cleat of your choice.

A separate boy and girl section is provided to give you convenience. As it is a low-top cleat, No ankle support is provided and you, as a Quarterbacks can easily rotate your angle in any direction in the field. 

The Hawkwell men’s football cleat comes with cushion insoles to enhance comfortability while wearing it. The combination of synthetic and Rubber materials makes It more comfortable and durable.

It also features shock-absorbing technology that helps To protect you from external impacts while in the game.

The Hawkwell football cleat comes in four different color variants with solid designs. it gives your professional boot look in the field.

The football cleats come in eight different sizes with transparent powerful stud That helps to optimize Acceleration and high-speed turns.

4. Under Armour Men's Leadoff Football Cleats


✅ Top-rated product by customers. 

✅ Synthetic upper makes them more lightweight.

✅ Excellent gripping Technology used in these cleats.

✅ The padded collar makes it more comfortable.


❌ They are available only in four color variants.

Under armour, men’s low RM football cleat will never disappoint you with its performance. You’ll notice the difference in flexibility, comfort, traction, and breathability while you’re playing in the field. 

It comes with a rubber sole and synthetic upper for optimizing speed, traction, and comfort. Also, the EVA midsole built inside the shoe gives you added comfort.

As it is a semi height cleat so you can easily stop yourself from high speed running suddenly, A very big size start is available so that if you want to choose for your feet or just want to do it for yourself you can easily do it.

You Cannot rotate your ankle much easier this is my dear drawback of this shoe. This might be a big drawback as a Quarterbacks player.

The under armour men’s lead of football cleats are engineered with synthetic upper that helps to reduce the weight of the shoe and increase durability. 

These football cleats come with a padded collar that provides you comfort and lets your shoe breathe faster. It also comes with heel support which provides better movement to your ankle. 

The full-length EVA midsole for added comfort and better traction between the sole and the shoe.

They are only available in four color variants and more than 10 different sizes. The overall design of the shoe looks excellent. 

Overall the shoe looks great and provides traction, comfort, and durability in all the playing conditions, and is especially best for quarterback and linebackers positions.

5. Nike Mens Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats

Nike Mens Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats


✅ Rubber outsole with foam cushioning

✅ Made with fast flex technology for flexibility

✅ Comes with shock-resistant moulding for durability 

✅ Synthetic upper for a comfortable fit

✅ excellent gripping with rubber spikes


❌ Available only two colors

❌ Some of the customers are not satisfied with the sizing.

The Nike men’s Alpha Shark football cleats come with synthetic leather that plays a very important role in its comfort. 

The inner part of the shoe is completely wrapped with cushion foam lightweight support. And the rubber sole in this cleat is to optimize the traction for getting the best speed possible in the field.

The cleat comes with A big size chart that helps you to find out your best foot size. It’s high-top shoes so it will help you to optimize your speed and also support your ankle in the field. Quarterbacks player need this kind of fitting.

A disadvantage of this football cleat is that you can’t easily move your ankle during intense gameplay because of the high top fitting.

The comfort level of Nike men’s Alpha Shark football cleats is high as compared to the Other brands. They are designed with synthetic upper that makes them more comfortable and flexible.

They come with fast flex Technology which helps In easy bending and the phylon sole provides better comfortability and support.

These Quarterbacks cleats are available in two color variants only black and Multicolored. Both the colors look bold and give you a strong vibe.

Overall you can choose these cleats if you are comfortable with the heavy look and design. These are also the best cleats for a quarterback. 

6. Nike Men's Alpha Menace Varsity 2 Football Cleat


✅ Available in 7 different colors

✅ Comes with a faux leather sole

✅ Lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear

✅ TPU plate technology is used to give high durability.


Most of the time large sizes are not available

The Nike men’s Alpha varsity football cleat is yet another top-rated product from Nike when you’re looking for quarterback cleats.

This football cleat is designed in a way that it can perform in intense situations biotech tackling the obstacles and challenges in the field.

They come with a high-quality faux leather sole that helps to make your feet stable and gives you a feel of comfort.

They also engineered with TPU plate with the 12 stud configuration that makes cleat more durable, lightweight, and less slippery

With high-top ankle support this football cleat provides a comfortable and secure fit. It also comes with a closure loop that helps to keep your ankle stable.

They are available in lots of different sizes so it is easier for you to pick your best size with the help of the size chart available on the product description page.

The Nike men’s Alpha is designed with synthetic leather which ensures that your feet won’t hurt while playing and provides you a comfortable fit.

There is a heel tab that makes it easy for you to put on and take off the shoe. Synthetic leather also helps to increase the durability of the shoe and makes it long-lasting.

Talking about the design and color option, The first look of the cleat is quite impressive. It comes in 7 different color variants with More than 10 different sizes.

The synthetic material construction makes it more sturdy and unique. It makes you feel protected on the field and boost your confidence.

7. Under Armour Men's Breathe Trainer Football Cleat


✅ Comes with a synthetic sole and Eva footbeds

✅ Available in more than 10 color options

✅ Feels lightweight in the field and durable enough

✅ Spikes are made up of rubber, gives superior traction on the surface.


❌ Ankle movement is restricted due to the high-top design.

Under armour men’s breath trainer is a special football cleat that comes with a variety of technologies and helps to optimize your performance in the field.

They are engineered with pure synthetic material that will help to make them durable, lightweight, and perfect fit.

The sole of the shoe is also made 100% synthetic which makes it comfortable and lightweight. It also provides superior traction on any surface in the field regardless of the weather.

The Under armour men’s football cleat Comes with a high top fitting that makes them fit safer and comfortable.

Because of the high top fitting, it can help you to achieve stability while running in the field but you will not be able to move your ankle freely. One of the big advantages of high-top fitting Is, it gives full control over your ability to turn and balance in the intense gameplay.

In terms of Comfortability, these cleats provide you such a high level of comfort with the inbuilt EVA footbeds that feels very soft and relaxing. You can also feel the extra protection with the synthetic sole.

It comes with high-quality breathable material which offers great help in allowing you to stay cool and avoid odors regardless of weather conditions.

In terms of design, It looks more traditional with high-top ankle support. You can choose between the different color variants and combinations of style and size.

It is a good choice if you’re buying a football cleat that fulfills all the basic requirements of a quarterback. Make sure to use football gloves when playing in this position. For your convenience, we have created a list of the best football gloves for quarterbacks that might help you.

8. Under Armour Men's Leadoff Low Rm Football Cleat


✅ The synthetic coating makes them durable

✅ They are available in a lot of size options

✅ Added protection on the toe cap.

✅ Easy to wear and pull off the cleats.


Most buyers are facing size issues. For better fit go with the given size chart.

The under-armour men’s leadoff quarterback cleat is also designed in a way to provide you a durable and lightweight cleat.

With the rubber sole and synthetic upper, it maximizes flexibility and protects your feet from external opticals. When it comes to comfort, durability, and traction it never disappoints you.

The Under armour men’s lead-off cleats comes with the low top from the arch that makes foot movement easier. It also helps to take sharp turns while in the field.

It also comes with a padded collar and heel construction that helps to provide you a comfortable fit and easy ankle movement.

Comfortability is what you need when you’re buying football cleats for quarterbacks. Keeping this in mind under armour comes with a brand new football cleat designed with synthetic upper that makes it lightweight and comfortable.

It is also loaded with top-quality breathable material that keeps you cool and sweat-free. You can also check our list of best-selling gloves for cold weather.

It looks premium and sturdy in the first view. As a Quarterbacks player you will notice the dual-color pattern that makes them more attractive in the field.

With four color variants and more than 15 different sizes, the under-armour men’s leadoff is the best football cleats for quarterbacks.

9. Adidas Men's Goletto Vi Firm Ground Shoes


✅ Made with pure synthetic leather 

✅ Sole is made up of Faux-leather with a comfortable fit

✅ Laces tight enough for tight-fitting

✅ Value for money and it’s worth it.


❌ Available in the single color variant

The Adidas Men’s Goletto firm football cleat is another best-selling cleat in the market.
The shoes feel ultralight because they are designed with natural light rubber material. It offers impact cushioning inside the cleat which helps absorb external resistance.

It also protects you from sleeping and optimizes your grip while running in the field.

Whether it’s a football cleat or a football glove, Adidas never disappoints with its products. When it comes to fitting the Adidas men’s galletto football cleat comes in more than 10 different sizes so it is easy for you to choose the best size.

With low-top ankle support, you can easily move your ankle in any direction during the gameplay.

The outer material of this football cleat is made of durable synthetic leather that helps to keep the football cleat durable and comfortable.

The faux leather sole makes you feel secure and comfortable, at the same time you will get flexibility with these cleats.

With a typical Adidas logo, the football cleat looks premium with the combination of black white and Scarlet color. There are no other color options available for this cleat.

Overall You can buy this cleat if you are okay with the single color option. Otherwise, it is a fully-featured football cleat for the quarterback position.

10. Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Men's Football Cleats


✅ Synthetic leather and mesh support

✅ Breathable enough and feels great in the field and long-lasting product.

✅ Three-sided stud for added quickness.

✅ Supportive and lightweight


❌ The biggest sizes are not available

The Nike Alpha Menace Pro is also one of the best cleats for quarterbacks. The TPU and mesh covering inside the cleat for better breathable support.

The synthetic leather in the upper part makes it more durable and gives you extra support. Also, the phylon sole makes it more comfortable and lightweight. It also helps you to breathe better.

The fitting of Nike menace football cleats is amazing. The best part of this cleat is that it fits the user’s feet naturally. This is because of its 3-Sided studs which are durable and steady. Which is a requirement of a Quarterbacks cleat.

These football cleats come in the category of medium top ankle support which is quite good. This makes your ankle move quickly.

These Football cleats are designed with mesh and synthetic skin which makes them durable and comfortable.

It is also loaded with 3/4 length of phylon foam which helps to reduce the external impact and helps to make it breathable.

You can buy these cleats in 7 different color options with different shades. You will get beautiful Nike branding on the outer side of the cleat. It also features a Pebax propulsion plate for support and a springy feel.


Ans. These cleats mentioned above Under Armour, JABASIC are best cleats for quaterback.

Ans. Yes, they wear a high top cleat, just to give a better support to their ankle. This will enhance the gameplay of high top cleat.

Ans. The Quarterback should have the ability to receive, pass in the open field. According to it gears that are essential is mentioned below.

  • Quarterback Gloves.
  • Quarterback Shoulder pads.
  • Quarterback Body padding.
  • Quarterback Mouthpiece.

Ans. Not a particular brand, the actual wear something which is durable and comfortable. But the cleats may vary according to tot the positions of the players.

How to choose the best Football Cleats for Quarterbacks (Buyer’s Guide) :

Cleats Style

Discovering a couple of football cleats that suit your presentation style is fundamental.

You ought to consistently consider your ideal degree of the lower leg support and wanted portability while picking.

Individual inclination assumes a significant part in deciding the style of a fitting.

There are mainly three styles of Cleats from which you need to choose.

  1. Low-cut cleats: These are built without any extended top, low-cut cleats can provide very high manoeuvrability.

    These are considered to be lightweight. Skill position players like running backs, receivers and defensive backs tend to go with low-cut cleats.

  2. Mid-cut cleats: Mid-tops sit around the ankle and offer more support and protection than low-cuts.

    They also don’t restrict mobility and movement as much as high tops.

    Best for the majority of positions that require versatility. Probably the most popular style of football cleat.

  3. High-cut cleats: Often referred to as 5/8 cut or higher, high-tops provide the most stability and protection.

    Lateral support on high tops is the absolute best for players who make a lot of side-to-side movements.

    But, this comes at the cost of freedom of movement and is often heavier—best for the defensive line.

Cleats Type


This is the most popular type and can also be referred to as the moulded cleat—a soccer cleat used by most soccer players worldwide.

Firm-ground cleats are designed to provide traction and stability on most natural grass soccer fields.

They offer less pressure compared to the you can wear them on both FG and AG surfaces.

Soft ground

give better traction on wet and muddy fields. They utilize longer metal studs which are removable by unscrewing them.

The SG cleats are generally heavier than the other types, mainly because the soleplate is constructed around those metal studs.

Right Size

How to know if a pair of cleats fit your wide feet?

This question can only be answered by ourselves because each player has their playing and wearing style.

Some linebackers will choose a pair of cleats that neats your wide feet closely, but there are also some choosing a comfortable type that does not tighten legs.


The most visible part of the cleats is manufactured either with synthetic material or leather material.

If we talk about leather cleats some players prefer leather cleats more than synthetic ones because they are durable, comfortable and fit perfectly.

Synthetic Cleats are not as durable as leather shoes, However, they are still very supportive and budget-friendly.

So, If you are looking for a budget-friendly deal, you can choose synthetic material.

But remember, it does not have the durability and breathability that comes with leather cleats.

Parts of Cleats:

The football cleats consist of four main parts. upper, midsole, insole and outsole.

Combining all four of them provides you with a perfect combination of comfort and protection. 

Knowing them all will help you know what to look for next time you buy cleats.


The topmost part of a cleat is called the upper, where the shoelaces are attached.

This part of the cleat is usually made of either synthetic or leather material, which protects your feet. 

Also, they resist wear and tear when playing and protect you from injuries.

With the growth in technology, modern football cleats are much more advanced and powerful due to their lightweight strength and higher breathability.


On the other hand, the midsole is often called a touchpad. It provides cushioning for your feet and heels. 

Couchoining not only gives you comfort during the gameplay but also it is designed to reduce the impact while you are playing.


The insole is a detachable cushion that is carefully placed in the cleats. It is used for absorbing vibrations produced during each movement.

Because it is detachable, it can be cleaned at your convenience. You need thick padding to provide you with maximum protection.


The outsole of a football cleat is probably considered the most important part of the cleats because it provides traction and stability to your foot.

It is the base of the cleat and has spikes on it, which helps to provide sufficient traction on the field.


If you have the right information, it is not difficult to buy the best football cleats for linebackers. And if you’re looking for the best cleats for youth check out his link. 

In the above article, we have created a list of the best linebacker cleats and I hope it helps you to figure out a pair of football cleats that is a perfect fit for you.

Now It’s your turn to take your performance to a new level of success immediately!

By choosing between the above high-quality products.

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