Hack Attack Pitching Machine Review 2024

Hack Attack Pitching Machine

If you are a baseball player or interested in this game, you must know about the pitching machines.

However, previously it was not that popular, but presently, it got enough popularity among the users.

When it is about pitching machines, Hack Attack is a significant name.

This excellent pitching machine lets you challenge hitters more often whenever you want.

The best thing that we have experienced in this game is that it provides a game-like feeling every time.

So, you will get a great advantage in the off-season while some pitchers take some time off.

Hack Attack Pitching Machine Review


✅ It performs excellently.
✅ This pitching unit is portable.
✅ The build quality is good.
✅ It improves the users’ pitching skills.
✅ It is easy to set up.


❌ It is not very durable.
❌ Average customer service.

Speed range

Baseball pitching machine

After using this pitching machine, we assure you that it will help you in more efficient batting practice.

If you consider the speed of this pitching machine, it excels in speed also.

The Junior Hack Attack pitching machine comes with a three-wheel design.

With this specific design, this machine is capable of throwing fastballs, curveballs, split fingers, and sliders at the speed of 70+ mph.

Also, you can change the throw of the pitch on the speed dials. With this machine, you will get the advantage of three different speed dials.

After using this machine, we see that the user will get unlimited control over the pitch type every time.

With the simple turn of the elevation adjustment crank handle, you can adjust the height of the pitch release as per your preference.

Thus, you can easily change the pitch location in the strike zone between pitches.

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Hack Attack pitching machine comes with two large transportation wheels that let you easily bring it on and off the field.

After using this machine, we have concluded that it is easy to move. Besides, the portable design is perfect for users’ convenience.

You have to break down the machine and enlarge the transport wheels to move the machine around the field freely.

Also, one of the tripod legs of this machine acts as a handle when you will move the machine. Besides, the front wheel guards prevent the throwing wheels from coming in contact with the ground.

The Junior Hack Attack pitching machine has all the essential features that help to improve your pitching skills.

Also, we will mention that with the unique three-wheel design, you can see the ball clearly through the feeding motion.

It will give you a live pitching experience. The hitter can see when to stride as this machine provides a real live-arm sense of timing and location.

Build quality

Hack Attack Pitching Machine

The Hack Attack pitching machine comes with a durable structure if you consider the build quality.

This pitching machine is built and assembled in the USA. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its quality.

The best thing we found with this unit is that it comes with a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty. So, it will undoubtedly last for many seasons.

We have experienced that this pitching machine can handle a solid foundation and deliver consistent pitches. Also, this machine can absorb recoil.

The best thing that we experienced in this machine is that it is easily moveable with this heavy-duty body.

The sturdy steel tripod leg stand provides enough stability with every pitch. Also, with the locking legs, you can quickly set up the machine easily and break it down easily.

Also, we have seen that the frame of this machine is coated with a rugged powder coat that is rustproof.

So, the user can practice with this machine throughout the year without any issue. So, this pitching machine is not only technical but also powerful.

Undoubtedly, you will make the most out of every batting practice with this pitching machine.

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Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine

If you consider the performance of this pitching machine, we can assure you that you will be amazed by the performance of this machine.

The players can easily understand the ball’s movement and timing by changing the ball placement. Also, we experienced the inside/ outside adjustment feature that makes this pitching machine more amazing.

Therefore, the players can effortlessly work the ball around the strike zone.

With this feature, you can centre the first pitch without moving the machine or kicking out the rear leg.

We also experienced the dial adjustments and the elevation crank that work in tandem in this pitching machine.

So, the user can easily move the ball around and work the corners of the strike zone. Undoubtedly this pitching unit provides a top-notch batting experience to the batters.

The throwing head of the Junior Hack Attack pivots instantly in any direction.

It is suitable for almost every direction, including deep fly balls, catcher’s pop-ups with reverse spin, slicing line drives, and grounders.

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Manual

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