JUGS PS50 Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine Review 2024

Baseball Pitching machine

JUGS PS50 baseball and a softball pitching machine is one of the best pitching machines for beginners and professionals. It is an introductory level pitching machine that includes a digital display.

JUGS PS50 baseball and softball pitching machine comes with a 9” chute for regulation size and weight baseballs. It also includes a 12” chute for regulation size and weight softballs. 

After using this pitching machine, we have experienced so many excellent features in it. So, if you want to improve your pitching skill, this unit will undoubtedly be excellent for you.

JUGS PS50 Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine Review


✅ It comes with a speed adjustment facility.
✅ It is easy to set up.
✅ This pitching machine is easy to move.
✅ It works perfectly for beginners.
✅ The build quality is excellent.


❌ The rubber wheel is expensive to replace.
❌ Sometimes the ball gets dirt from the rubber wheel.

Speed Range

Speed Range- If you consider the speed range of this pitching machine, surely you will be pleased with its excellent speed. JUGS PS50 Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine perfectly throw the pitches up to 50 mph. 

It works perfectly for both baseballs and softballs. The best thing we experienced was that the speed was adjustable. This machine comes with a digital readout display that lets you adjust the speed. 

So, you will get the precise speed according to your preference every time. Undoubtedly this pitching machine will assist you in improving your pitching skills. Besides, with this pitching machine, you will get consistent perfect strikes. 

Most of the thrown balls by this pitching machine are not only strikes, even the perfect strikes. Therefore, this pitching machine is considered the most accurate and real-ball pitching. 

Every time you will get a real-time pitching experience by practicing with this JUGS PS50 pitching machine. You can also check the Jugs MVP Combo pitching machine from the same brand.


Baseball Pitching machine

This baseball and softball pitching machine weighs only 50 pounds. So, it is very easy to move. We have experienced no hassle to move this pitching machine from one place to another. 

Besides, the excellent thing that we experienced is that it comes with a grip-and-go handle. This handle ensures ultimate portability and easy transportation. Besides, we will also mention that the legs of this pitching machine is adjustable. 

It allows the pitches to be thrown from a realistic release point every time. The JUGS PS50 works excellent for both baseball and fastpitch softball. It is capable of throwing perfect arcing tosses for the slowpitch softballs as well. 

After using this pitching machine, we also have noticed that this machine comes with a unique non-marking 9a pneumatic tire and NEW Quick-Snap legs. 

Also, we will mention that this machine throws both fly balls and ground balls. It includes a ¼ HP motor that makes the pitching machine more efficient.

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jugs ps50 baseball and softball pitching machine

Jugs PS50 baseball and softball pitching machine doesn’t compromise with the built quality. This pitching machine comes with sturdy construction that will provide you with reliable performance for so many years. 

This pitching machine is made of solid steel. After using this pitching machine, we noticed that this machine doesn’t get any rust even due to the steel body. Therefore, the users will get trouble-free use for so many years. 

Both baseball and softball players can improve their pitching skills with this pitching machine. When it comes to the quality, we can’t forget its packaging. We got this pitching machine in excellent packaging. Also, we got easy-to-follow directions. 

So, whether you are a professional or beginner, you can set it up easily without any hassle. This pitching unit comes pre configured for the baseball pitchers. But for softball pitching purposes, you have to configure the unit with the softball loader bracket and a couple of bolts. 

However, you won’t get added baseballs or softballs with this pitching machine. So, you have to order the balls after you receive this pitching unit. Also, we will suggest that you will need an outdoor-rated extension cord that will power this pitching machine.


When we are reviewing the JUGS PS50 baseball and softball pitching machine, we can’t skip telling about its versatility. This little league pitching machine comes with a 9” chute for baseball and a 12” chute for softballs. 

The 9 inch baseball chute is capable of throwing regulation size and weight baseballs and seamed practice baseballs. On the other hand, the 12 inch softball chute is capable of throwing regulation size and weight softballs and seamed practice softballs. 

After using this pitching machine, we also have seen that this unit is compatible with baseballs, softballs, sting-free baseballs, sting-free softballs, tennis balls, lite-flite softballs and baseballs, and JUGS Pearl. With the solid steel construction, this pitching machine is also capable of throwing fly balls and ground balls. 

With the help of the adjustable legs, you can see the thrown pitches from the realistic point for both baseball and softball pitching. Undoubtedly, we have concluded that the JUGS PS50 pitching machine is a perfect entry level pitching machine for both baseball and softball.

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