Top 10 Best Football Cleats for Youth 2024

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Are you a parent looking for the best football cleats for your child in 2023? We know that choosing the right cleats can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to ensuring your child’s safety on the field.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the top 10 best cleats for youth to help make your decision easier.

We’ve analyzed each cleat based on four important parameters, including comfort, support, durability, and traction.

By considering these factors, we’ve narrowed down the options to the top 10 cleats that offer the best combination of performance and safety.

We also understand that parents often have many questions when it comes to buying cleats for their children.

That’s why we’ve addressed some common queries in this article to help you make an informed decision.

Our goal is to make the process of selecting the best football cleats for youth as stress-free as possible. 

By going through this full article, you’ll have a better understanding of the different types of cleats available and which ones may be the best fit for your child’s playing style and position.

So, if you want to make sure your child is equipped with the best cleats for their next football game, check out our list of the top 10 best cleats for youth in 2023.

We’re confident you’ll find a great option to suit your child’s needs!

Best Football Gloves For Youth 2023:

boomerman kid-minBrooman Kids Firm Ground Football Cleats

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dream pairs-minDREAM PAIRS Football Cleats for YouthCheck Price Button
underarmor unisex child-minUnder Armour Unisex Football Youth CleatsCheck Price Button
Diadora Kids' Cattura-minDiadora Kids’ Cattura MD Jr Youth Football CleatCheck Price Button
Vizari Unisex-Kid's Stealth1-minVizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth Football CleatsCheck Price Button
Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe1-minVizari Striker FG Football cleats for youthCheck Price Button
Jr. Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy1-minMercurial Superfly 7 Academy Football CleatCheck Price Button
Under Armour Unisex-Child1-minUnder Armour Unisex-Child Football CleatCheck Price Button
Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat1-minVizari Infinity FG Football CleatCheck Price Button
Under Armour Unisex-Child1 (1)-min

Under Armour Unisex Youth Football Cleats

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1. Brooman Kids Firm Ground Football Cleats


✅ The ideal balance of comfort and cosiness

✅ It wraps around the whole foot.


❌ Velcro might get peel off 

The sole of this material is made up of rubber. It is not slippery at all. It maintains a higher grip when it comes in contact with the mud surface. 

Even the spikes are also made up of rubber. Check out the best football cleats for a detailed review. They penetrate better and maintain friction between the plate and ground surface. The points are of good quality material.

The size chart is available at the bottom of the buying page. You can easily check out which number is perfect for your kid according to his foot size. It is a low-top shoe. 

Hence it does not provide any support to the ankle joint. Also, it does not make any hurdle in between your actions where you need a maximum rotation of your ankle.

The design of the Cleat is very clear and has some mash holes over it, which as a result, provides high breathability. The inner part of the cleats is flooded with cushions which makes this very comfortable

You can experience a proper bend from the front side. The back is stiff enough and keeps your ankle stoic when you require it to stop.

it comes in four pairs of different color combinations. One-piece contains two colors in gradient format. It looks extremely great when the spice comprises various colors having a 50% in detail. A little bit of detail in structures is printed at the backside of the Cleat.

2. DREAM PAIRS Football Cleats for Youth


✅ Lightweight

✅ Provides the best fit possible on a cleat

✅ Comfortable to play


❌ Incorrect size issue

The bottom part also has a rubber sole which is good friction material. It maintains a grip between the surface of the ground and spikes of cleats. Some amount of synthetic has also been used in building the sole. 

They are not sleepy at all. Even the spikes are big enough to penetrate better on the ground. And yes, the spikes are of great quality.

It is also a low-top cleat. Hands your kid can easily move his ankle and show any action which requires the maximum amount of ankle movement. We’ve also created a separate list of best football cleats for ankle support.

Secondly, there is no size chart available, so it might be possible that you can buy the wrong size cleat.

A little bit less breathability is experienced in this Cleat, as no mesh is provided on the outer surface. The insole contains cushions to offer better comfort. Toes bend very perfectly. 

This will play a very positive impact on the gameplay. Yes, the product is lightweight and stiff back to provide you with better support while stopping yourself from the heavy run.

It is available in two color combinations: the primary color and the second is color over the detail in part of the body. 

Seven different pairs have seven different color combinations. The overall look of the Cleat is extremely good. The design structure over the body of it is similar to zebra.

3. Under Armour Unisex Football Youth Cleats


✅ It provides excellent ankle support

✅ Lightweight


❌ Cushion outer most layer is poor quality

The sole is made up of rubber, and as discussed earlier, it is a great adhesive material in terms of friction. It performs very well. It is not sleepy at all and maintains a high grip in the feel so that you can be able to perform well in your game. 

The spikes are of a little bit different structure to maintain a better interlock between the ground and cleat surface.

The first thing to notice here is that it is a high top ankle cleat, we can provide maximum support to the ankle, but it lacks in giving freedom to your ankle movement. 

Which as a result might disturb you in making any high rotational movement of the ankle. a separate size chart is available. You must check out this cleat and buy accordingly.

The outer part is made up of synthetic material and does not provide any gap for proper ventilation. Possibilities are your kid will sweat a lot on foot. Appropriate bend experience along with the stiff back. 

The insole is installed with heavy cushions, which provide better comfort in the entire gameplay. These cleats are not lightweight at all, I think this might be a best football cleats for youth.

It is available in three different color combinations separated to the details line along with the batch at the left side of the Cleat. 

50% of the spikes are painted with secondary color and a different part, another 50% painted with primary color. It is a height of shoes which looks extremely great.

4. Diadora Kids' Cattura MD Jr Youth Football Cleat


✅ Moulded rubber outsole

✅ Great fitting


❌ Shoe lace color is poor quality

The height of the spikes is not good enough, so it is a town that can penetrate better underground and perform well in terms of the amount of traction.

In the perspective of fractions, they perform very well and maintain your gameplay up to a very high level. As a result, no slip or friction looseness feels these youth cleats.

There is no size chart, so you need to be very precise while purchasing this Cleat. It is a low-top cleat. You can easily maintain the rotation of your ankle as the design is very friendly.

This youth football cleat captures your whole foot in a very beautiful manner. The overall fitting is nice, that’s why we have put these in the list of best football cleats for youth in 2023.

The inner part contains proper cushioning comfort. The outsole is made up of moulded rubber that is not breathable at all; you can expect a little bit of air to penetrate from the lace part of the Cleat;

otherwise, respect provides discomfort, and we’ll keep you sweaty all the time. The product is lightweight, and those toes also bend properly. These can also fit in linebacker positions.

The color looks a little bit cartoon type, So if your kid is a cartoon freak, it might make them happy. It is available in five different colors, but you need to analyze which color is available in which size.

A belt with two color combinations and a little bit of structural design is present on the Cleat body.

5. Vizari Unisex-Kid's Stealth Football Cleats


✅ Flexible rubber outsoles

✅ Well-padded collar

✅ These shoes are extremely comfortable


❌ Size issues might occur

The sole is made up of synthetic material, and no rubber is depicted to have in it as informed by the manufacturer. The height of the spikes is good enough. 

They are of rounded shape, and no extra structure is moulded over them. Overall, they can maintain a high grip and show that your kid’s gameplay does not get disturbed.

The cleat is long in size. This seller claims you can buy according to your regular length of shoes. There is no size chart available. It is a low-top cleat that provides a high movement of the ankle, which can be evenly distributed to the design of the back part. 

The overall fitting is nice. You can easily adjust it according to your foot. Hence, the best football cleat for youth 2023 is here.

well-padded collar is provided, which contains cushions at the surface. These are comfortable enough when you play very long gameplay. 

They are less breathable, but you can expect a little bit of air to penetrate from the upper part of the Cleat. Overall the product is lightweight.

High number of color options are available, around 10. All look extremely great. It comes in 2 different color combinations in gradient format. 

The secondary color is at the backside. It is available in dark colors and even in light colors, so it would be flexible for you to choose according to your costume.

6. Vizari Striker FG Football cleats for youth


✅ Best low top shoes

✅ Excellent build quality

✅ Perfect for kids


❌ Little bit weak spikes

All of these plates are made up of rubber, and rubber maintains a high grip in the field. Also, the spikes have a good height to penetrate in a very well manner on the ground surface. As a result, this will lead your kid to have better running and perform well in the field.

It can be considered as a slight height top cleat. It is capable enough to capture your whole foot in a very decent manner.

Also, you can easily make the rotation of your ankle with the design provided at the ankle part of the Cleat. Fitting is perfect in this youth cleat.

These youth cleats are a little bit heavy and can harm you in the long run. No cross ventilation is provided, which as a result, puts you in a huge amount of discomfort in terms of sweating. 

A little bit of air that can penetrate from the lace part is 50% hidden from the outer cover. Filled with cushions, this console will give you comfort.

it is available in only a single pair of colors which is a dissatisfying thing. It comes in a combination of black and silver.

It contains detailed stitching designs and is up to paint design over it which looks extremely great while wearing them in the field. Also, the positive thing about a black color is that it does not become dirty very often.

7. Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy Football Cleat


✅ Best for youth

✅ Unique design

✅ Comfortable


❌ Spike are directly stick to the outer cloth of cleat.

The sole is a big turn-off in these cleats, as the sole is made up of synthetic material, which is built and stuck after assembling the whole Cleat. 

It is just stuck after the outer fabric of the entire shoe, which might get peeled out from the Cleat in very intense gaming. It maintains a high grip, and the height of the spikes is good enough.

It gives a unique type of fitting; let’s talk about it later, but first, I need to mention that there is no size chart available, but the seller is considering a perfect fit according to the regular shoe size. 

At the ankle part, the soft elastic material is installed to provide better support to your ankle. Also, it does not restrict you from the movement of your ankle due to the elasticity.

The toes of these cleats bend properly, and this is made up of synthetic material so that no rashes might be visible to you after long usage. 

The product is lightweight and has a stiff back that will support your ankle when you run extremely fast and stop yourself suddenly. one big turn-off is that these are not breathable enough.

It is built-in as per cheetah-like structure, the primary color is white, and the secondary color is black spotted over the entire body along with the badging of the company at the right side. Conditions are too much that they’ll become dirty very often.

8. Under Armour Unisex-Child Football Cleat


✅ lightweight & durable

✅ A midsole made from EVA for added comfort

✅ Beautifully designed


❌ Size issues, order them precisely

It is made of 100% synthetic material, but the sole is made up of rubber. The spikes at the bottom of the cleats are well structured to penetrate well on the ground and give you high friction. 

It is best for four years to 12-year-old kids. Hence, it is one of the best cleat in the list of best football cleats for youth 2023.

The Cleat is a semi-high top, which means it provides better support to the ankle. Also, it does not even restrict you from making the high movement of the ankle. 

You can easily focus on your gameplay, and the Cleat will support you at its best. The better part is that it has a separate size chart available so you can choose accordingly. You can easily use them in tight end position.

Even after having a big wide structure, these are lightweight. Proper breathability is provided from the front side mesh. Toes bend properly in these cleats due to the heavy elasticity from the mesh. Even the padded collar enhances the comfort. The insole contains a proper amount of cushion.

The overall look of the Cleat is extremely great, as it is a high-top cleat, an inclined shoelace surface is provided. Made up of two color combinations, 

The primary color is white, and the secondary color is available in 5 different pairs, which contain a pink color also for women athletes. A company’s badge is placed on the right side of the Cleat.

9. Vizari Infinity FG Football Cleat


✅ Materials made from durable synthetics

✅ The gloves are resistant to water 

✅ Give a finishing touch to your uniform


❌ Ankle supporter might issue

Spikes and the sole of these youth cleats are made up of rubber material, even the skies are all made up of good quality material, and the height of the spikes are also good enough which penetrates better in the field, which as a result enhances your gameplay in the area.

It is a low-top cleat, and it does not support the ankle in the gameplay. But the structure at the ankle part is good enough to make you feel secure in terms of ankle movement. it is long from the front, and shoelaces are the reason for a great fitting.

These seem to be a little breathable, but the cushion inside the insole feels very comfortable, and even after using it for a long time, this comfort does not vanish. 

These have great stiff backs, but they are not that lightweight. Overall comfort is great and considerable. That’s why this is at the 9th position in the list of best youth football cleats in 2023.

Available in 9 different pairs of color combinations. The primary color is light, and the secondary color is designed over with a dark one, which looks very cool while playing with them in the field. Spikes are colored with a secondary one; they look perfect in the area.

10. Under Armour Unisex Youth Football Cleats


✅ The upper is made of synthetic materials

✅ Optimal combination of grip & support

✅ lightweight


❌ No drawback found yet.

The sole is made up of rubber. It evaluates high friction between the surface and the Cleat, spikes at the bottom are built with different structures at its tips to give you a high traction control at the field. 

The overall build quality of the spice is very good and even the sole also. If you really want the best football cleats for youth 2023, this is it.

these are pure height top cleats, which provide better support to your ankle so that you can run fast in the field, which enhances your gameplay if it was from another perspective. But it also works negatively when it comes to making high ankle movements and showing the actions.

 This Cleat has a lightweight and comfortable feel even after having this big size also filled with cushions, which might help you prevent your food from any foot sores. Height of show, as a result, will provide perfect stiff support to the backside of the ankle.

These high-top shoes look very mature. Ample amount of designing over the entire body from the white color, which is the secondary color, and badging at the left-back. Spikes are painted from secondary colors.


A right football cleat comes with all those features that are required when performing on the field. These features include griping, Fitting, Comfort, durability, and looks.

If you are an athlete then you are very well familiar with how important a grip is in a cleat. The stability comes in a cleat with the help of the grip used in that cleat. it’s very necessary to have a good grip but with that, you need a comfortable fit, without a good fit you can’t focus on the game and it impact’s your performance.

I hope you go through the above list of best football cleats for youth and find a perfect football cleat for yourself. Please leave a comment a tell us what do you think about this article.


High-top cleats are one of the most popular styles in football. These cleats are stable and provide you protection in the field. It also helps your ankle while you are chasing.

These are some best football cleats for youth:
1. Under Armour Unisex Youth Football Cleats
2. DREAM PAIRS Football Cleats for Youth
3. Brooman Kids Firm Ground Football Cleats

You can easily figure it out by placing your little finger between the toe and top of the shoe. If you feel that your toes are pressing on the upper, they must be too tight.

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