Why Do Football Players Wear Fanny Packs?

Why Do Football Players wear Fanny Packs

Football is one of the most interesting games, and it has gained massive popularity in the history of sports globally. Whether you are a football fan or a player by yourself, you must have noticed the essential gears of this game. 

Besides the teamwork and dedication towards the game, the gears also play a vital role in the entire game. If you have seen any recent match, you must have noticed that players wearing fanny packs. 

Why Do Football Players Wear Fanny Packs?

Football players usually wear fanny packs to safeguard their hands from the cold in cold weather conditions. Players who play in quarterbacks and receivers positions wear the fanny packs.

They wear it because fanny packs save their hands from getting frozen. It helps them to keep their hands warm before and after the match.

If you are an NFL fan, you will notice players who wear a fanny pack. Usually, wide receivers and quarterbacks wear the fanny packs around their waists. When players play in cold-weather states, they wear fanny packs to keep their hands warm

The fanny packs work as a hand warmer. It helps the players to protect their hands from freezing during the match.

For quarterbacks, the fanny packs are beneficial as it keeps their hands warm and let them throw the football effectively. Similarly, receivers need to catch the ball efficiently. 

Therefore players of both these positions need to keep their hands warm. For this purpose, the fanny packs serve the best. 

Some players also wear cold-weather gloves to protect their hands from cold.

If you think about why it is essential to keep your hands warm, you must know receivers and quarterbacks have to receive or throw passes. To maintain a good performance without any issue or inconvenience, players wear fanny packs.

Due to cold weather, the body gets cold first. So, when the players play in a cold state, their feet and hands get frozen initially. 

Therefore, they face difficulty in catching or throwing the ball. Besides, cold hands lack flexibility. And all these problems affect the players’ performance. 

As football is a team play, the smallest factor can impact the game’s outcome. So, to avoid all of these issues, football players use fanny packs. It lets them play at their highest levels.

What's Inside Football Players' Fanny Packs?

What's inside Fanny Packs

Inside the fanny packs, there you can see small air-activated warmers. Sometimes receivers or quarterbacks keep 2 to 4 air-activated warmers inside the handwarmer pouch or the fanny packs. Squeezing these air-activated warmers helps to keep the players’ hands warm. 

It allows the hand warmers to maintain an optimal temperature. Therefore, the fanny packs perfectly can warm the players’ hands. 

Players squeeze or hold the fanny packs for almost 10 to 12 seconds before bringing their hands outside the hand warmer. Thus the players can efficiently catch the football in cold and dry weather.

These funny packs are also referred to as hand warmers. However, there is no actual heat in the fanny packs. Funny packs are just a type of hand warmer where players can put their hands to warm them up. 

Once the player’s hands are in the packs, the inside heat helps them to warm instantly. Thus the fanny packs effectively make the players’ hands warm and give their best in the game.

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Can a Football Player be Tackled by Fanny Packs?

Fanny Packs

Yes, a football player can be tackled by fanny packs. When a football player wears a hand warmer or fanny pack, his performance gets more efficient. If a defensive player grabs the fanny pack and takes the other player to the ground, the players will be ruled down. 

Therefore, all the players must have fanny packs or hand warmers to ensure their excellent performance. The fanny packs get connected by a buckle. 

So, the players can easily connect and disconnect it according to their convenience. They can tighten the slack on the hand warmer to their waist. It helps them to tackle the fanny packs more conveniently.

What Do Football Players Wear on Their Backs?

Usually, football players wear sports vests or sports bras on their backs. However, it may sound funny, but these bras don’t work as the women’s bras. 

The sports vest helps the players to hold a GPS tracker that monitors various factors of the players’ health and physical performance. 

This device is pretty similar to the Apple or Fitbit watch. This specific vest can monitor around 32 categories, including distance, speed, acceleration, and heart rate. In 2019, this device got approved to use during the live games. 

Before this, only managers monitored the players during the training sessions. But now, managers and coaches can monitor the performance. Thus they can see who is performing well in the match.

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Why Do Some NFL Quarterbacks Wear Fanny Packs?

First of all, make one thing clear these are not fanny packs properly. You can consider these as hand warmers. When it gets cold, players can’t handle the ball conveniently. 

Therefore, NFL quarterbacks wear fanny packs to put their hands as often as possible. It helps them to keep their hands warm. 

The fanny packs or hand warmers, whatever you call them, are fleece lined. Therefore, it can make the players’ hands warm instantly.

Also, many quarterbacks don’t prefer to wear gloves as it affects their throwing. And it also affects their performance. Therefore, the NFL quarterbacks wear those fleece-lined warmers or the fanny packs around their waists. 

They stick their hands in their sleeves during the game to get warmth. But in cold-weather games, their hands get numb.

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What are the Best NFL Fanny Packs?

Some best fanny packs that NFL players wear are:

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4. Buffalo Bills Stadium Fanny Pack // Buffalo Bills Fanny Pack // Buffalo Bills Stadium Bag.    Check Price
5. Officially Licensed NFL “Handwarmer,” One Size, Multi-Color.  Check Price


So, now you know why do football players wear fanny packs. It is vital for players to maintain a good performance. And, the fanny packs serve them best in this purpose. 

Football fans, who are enthusiasts about every small thing of football, now know the secret behind why the players use fanny packs.

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