Top 10 Best Football Gloves for Catching in 2024

Best Football Gloves for Catching

List of Best Football Gloves for Catching in 2023

If you’re someone who loves the thrill of catching flag football, you know how important it is to have the right gear.

Catching requires a lot of skill and practice, and having the best football gloves for catching can give you an extra edge on the field.

At times, catching can be challenging and may seem impossible, but with the right pair of gloves, you’ll be able to grip the ball like never before.

So, whether you’re a seasoned flag football player or just starting out, finding the perfect pair of gloves is essential to improve your performance and level up your game.

That’s where we come in – we’ve created a comprehensive list of the top 10 best football gloves for catching. 

We understand that every player has unique needs, and our list is based on analyzing them through many parameters to ensure that we cater to everyone.

Our list includes gloves that offer features such as grip, flexibility, durability, and protection.

So, whether you’re playing in dry or wet conditions, you’ll be able to catch the ball like a pro.

With our list, you won’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect pair of gloves.

We’ve done the hard work for you and provided you with the top football gloves for catching.

So, let’s take a closer look at our list of the best football gloves for catching and find the perfect pair for you!

Best Football Gloves for Catching in 2023:

Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver GlovesFranklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves

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Cutters Game Day Football GloveCutters Game Day Football GloveCheck Price Button
Under Armour Men's F6 Football GlovesUnder Armour Men’s F6 Football GlovesCheck Price Button
Battle Double Threat Football GlovesBattle Double Threat Football Gloves Check Price Button
Seibertron Pro 3.0 twelve constellationSeibertron Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Elite UltraCheck Price Button
Under Armour Boys' F7 Football GlovesUnder Armour Boys’ F7 Football GlovesCheck Price Button
Cutters Rev ProCutters Rev ProCheck Price Button
EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting Football GlovesKids EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting Football GlovesCheck Price Button
Franklin Sports Football Receiver GlovesFranklin Sports Football Receiver Gloves for CatchingCheck Price Button
Pure Athlete football gloves

Pure Athlete Football Receiver Gloves

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1. Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves


✅ The NFL officially licensed this product
✅ Featuring an official team logo on the backside of the glove.


❌ The XL, XXL sizes are not available.

Franklin sports football gloves are the best football gloves for catching. The NFL with authentic team logos officially licenses these gloves. Franklin Sports is a US-based company that manufactures gloves, sports gears and much more.

The tacky silicone palm with the extended thumb and a forefinger coverage make the gloves stand out and make the gloves super sticky. This stickiness makes you comfortable to snatch, throw the ball quickly. This might be the best football gloves for catching according to grip of it.

The contoured neoprene wrap-around wrist closure gives you a very adjustable and smooth fit. Which at the end gives you a high comfort fit. 

The band at the bottom gives you the flexibility to fit and adjust according to your palm size.

The contoured neoprene wrap-around wrist closure gives you a very adjustable and smooth fit. Which at the end gives you a high comfort fit. 

The glove comes with a cushion that prevents you from freezing wind; you can go for it to look for the best football gloves for cold weather.

The gloves are of pure white color, and they are printed with the USA flag, which is a true sign of patriotism. They look very lavish, and yes, you’ll look fantastic in the entire field.

2. Cutters Game Day Football Glove


✅ These gloves are durable and can be machine washed

✅ It comes with excellent grip technology as compared to other gloves.

✅ These gloves are available in a variety of sizes


❌ The glove comes in only two colour variants.

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Cutters Sports is one of the top-selling gloves brands all over the world. They produce high-quality gloves and other football accessories. The cutters game day football glove is one of them. 

These catching gloves are manufactured with high-quality materials that help to increase durability and provide the perfect amount of gripping in all weather conditions.

Unique silicon technology is enacted over the palm of the glove to give the player a superior grip. This grip makes the player more comfortable performing best in the field. As a result, the gameplay of the player becomes very impressive.

Whether you are an adult or a youth, the gloves are available in 6 sizes. The gloves fit your palm very quickly, and do not lose their position. This is because of the perfect stitching done in these gloves. The comfort due to this fitting increases. Due to this, your gameplay will also get increased.

These catching gloves are specially built to provide high breathability. The moisture sweat that occurs over your palm gets absorbed by these gloves and provides a very comfortable environment for your palm. This, as a result, makes these gloves high-rated gloves in terms of comfort.

Gloves are available in two different colours: dark black and some white embroidery lines over it, and the second is pure white, and some grey embroidery is printed over it. I would recommend going with a black one as the white becomes dirty very often.

3. Under Armour Men's F6 Football Gloves


✅ The gloves are available in a wide variety of colours.

✅ Perfect fit material designed for comfort during extended use

✅ They’re affordable. And they are mostly used for wide receivers positions.


They cause sweaty palms, especially when worn over a long period.

❌ The gloves feel a little tight in your hands.

We know Under Armour’s excellent selection of shoes and sportswear, and their focus on excellence has continued into football. 

F6 gloves are specially designed for men, with more than 16 unique styles to choose from. The Under Armour Men’s Football Gloves is one of the top-rated gloves with low cost and high demand.

These catching gloves come with a super-sticky Armour GrabTack palm for maximum catchability.

and help players handle the ball to enhance their overall performance and ability to catch the ball.

These gloves are soft, durable, can meet all football players’ basic requirements, and can be used in various positions in the game.

These lightweight running back gloves are perfect for catching the ball. The HeatGear fabric keeps your hands cool, dry, and light.

The material of these gloves absorbs sweat and dries quickly. The gloves can be machine washed, and they can still work like new gloves after washing.

Among several pairs of lightweight football gloves, The Under Armour Men’s Football gloves are the best for catching.

The key features to be aware of for these gloves are comfort and breathability. You will also like that the gloves provide adequate ventilation no matter how humid or hot the temperature is.

According to our research, these are also one of the best football gloves for Catching. 

4. Battle Double Threat Football Gloves


Comfortable and flexible.

✅ Great stitching done


❌ Sometime loose grip in dirt

They always hire Experienced Engineers, which means they can design, develop, and deploy unique forms of sports products. By merging innovation with sports concepts with the powerful peripheral, Battle Company is redefining with best outcomes.

During the cold weather, moisture occurs, which usually decreases the grip of the gloves. But here, with the gloves, you can maintain the exact grip. These gloves are capable enough to hold, throw and catch the ball even in winters.

These catching gloves beautifully capture your whole hand and gives you a feel of a second skin. The fitting is very much perfect. But you need to measure your palm before ordering them according to your size.

The cushions inside the gloves provide the best comfort. The gloves are responsible for bearing the impact. Here’s one more thing to consider, that gloves cushion get compressed by the time. It is not a much durable product, can be damaged after the guarantee exceeds.

The gloves are available in 9 different colors and have a badging of a company over their surface. This makes it a lovely product. But rather than purchasing a light color product which gets dirty very often, choose the dark one.

5. Seibertron Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Elite Ultra


✅ Best in Quality and Durability

✅ Comes with a Unique design.


❌ Size issues

Seibert on Company legal person is ZHANG ZHUANYUN are specialists in manufacturing sports gloves and accessories. The company was established in 2011—currently, their main focus is manufacturing products like tactical gear, outdoor gloves, and outdoor clothes. They might have build the best football gloves for catching.

They ensure a successful mission to provide the best products for your purpose in a relatively simple and to be the best way possible.

Provide a very tacky grip to your palm. Do not lose the ball from a very impact. These gloves will help you out in the process of catching it and throw it again within a very few seconds. This requirement is fulfilled in these gloves in a very well manner.

Fitting might get concerned with this product. As this comes in variable sizes, you have to choose the correct one. Whether you are choosing your kid or your use, you need to identify your palm size correctly. You can go ahead with the size option available in the size segment from XS youth to XL Youth.

These catching gloves feel comfortable. The cushions behind the upper layer of the gloves bear all the impact and make you feel comfortable during the entire game. Gloves might not provide high flexibility as it requires for a player to be in the game for a high time.

There are four color variants Available in these gloves. 2 colors are dark, and the rest two are light colors. My recommendation is to buy the dark one, as the light colors might get dirty very often. The product is durable and can bear machine washability.

6. Under Armour Boys' F7 Football Gloves


✅ Good grip quality

✅ Metallic details


Movement of hands feels restricted sometimes

Under Armour is an American sports company manufacturing sportswear, casual wear, and other sports peripherals. It is officially headquartered in Amsterdam. The company was set up in 1999 when Warner Brothers contracted Under Armor to outfit two of its feature film. Hence the company started.

Grip is considerable in these gloves, which is a very fantastic thing. The gloves perform very well in the field and do not lead you with any distraction. It also helps in catching the ball from intense gameplay.

The gloves to your palm very tightly, as the built quality of these gloves is high, they might be durable gloves and might be a long-lasting product, that why we have mentioned these gloves in the list of best football gloves for catching. The glove needs to be great skin-tight, as they need to bear the high impact of other players.

The breathability of the gloves is high. During the summer season, the moist occurs inside the palm. All the moisture gets absorbed by the gloves and keeps your palm accessible. This is a significant part of the process of catching the ball.

Available in 7 different colors, all are bold colors. But I would not be recommended you to buy the white or yellow one. As these light colors will become dirty very often, as a result, will make you irritated for a more and more wash very often.

7. Cutters Rev Pro


✅  Good Grip

✅ Huge number of variety in Colors


❌ Less Comfortable

Jeff Beraznik founded the company. He has a huge interest in playing football in college during their graduation in Canada during the 1990s. Once upon a time, he had an injury in his hand, which forced him to wear the best football gloves for catching.

After that, he continued playing. But he was not satisfied with the football gloves available in the market. Hence, he decided to identify the vacuum. As a result, he started the company.

These are very professional gloves—best for professionals and semi-professionals. The grip provided by the company is extraordinary. These catching gloves will help you operate the ball in every excellent manner to enhance your performance in the field.

These catching gloves fit your palm in a very steady manner. It feels like a second skin over your hand. The wrist band at the bottom provides a very comfortable fit to your hand.

Neoprene cuff provides a high wrist comfort. During the entire game, there will be no issue of itching for skin dryness during winters. Even in the summer also, material touching your hand absorbs all the moisture occurring in between the gameplay. 

But then also it not much comfortable as mention in product details.

Available in three color variants. This is a great thing provided by the Cutters. The Cutter can choose these gloves according to your dress or to the costume you wear in the field. Over the surface, 

If the glove has a badging of Cutter of white color, which makes it very significant in terms of looks. The main concern with these gloves is that they are not durable enough for intense gameplay. Also, they are not long-lasting products.

8. Kids EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting Football Gloves


✅ Reasonable price range

✅ Sports and Fitness Industry Associate Certified Gloves.

✅ Comes with a Unique design and an official team logo on the backside.


❌ Imperfect sizes

Grip is the primary thing over which the company has focused during the manufacturing of these gloves. They can perform well under any weather conditions. 

To keep the optimal performance company has introduced the area of Grip Drip over these gloves. Overall group quality of these clubs is very well.

Genuinely speaking, fitting might be a big concern with these catching gloves. Sometimes they did not match according to your palm size. The actual size, according to the scale mentioned my not correspond to the size of your palm. 

Along with this, a lot of stitching issues, there are many defects in the new set of gloves on stitching.

These catching gloves are comfortable and able to help you to enhance your gameplay. The cushion inside the gloves feels delighted when you operate the ball. 

The date does not provide any itching during the entire gameplay, when you have to catch, through even run by taking the ball.

Available in 5 different color options, the colors are pure solid and some branding over white paint. The overall look of these gloves is perfect. Hence, we have mentioned this gloves in best football gloves for catching list. 

It has a band at the bottom part, which can hold the glove in a particular position. But it is not very much capable of holding.

9. Franklin Sports Football Receiver Gloves for Catching


The gloves are SFIA certified, which makes them a genuine product

✅ The gloves are highly sticky and have excellent grip.

✅ You can use these gloves for all positions in football.

✅ Available in eight different sizes.


❌ The gloves are not durable for so long.

Are you looking for the best football gloves for catching? Franklin Sports come up with a brand new football glove for adults and youth. These premium gloves are SFIA certified for legal use in gameplay.

The glove comes with an ultra stick high tack Grip made with a silicon material to enhance ball control and catching ability. 

These catching gloves do not slip from your hand even if you throw a ball with high intensity or running.

With the help of tri-curve technology, these gloves are uniquely engineered to follow the pre-curved anatomy of the human hand to reduce bunching and improve the fitting of the gloves in your hand. These gloves perfectly capture your hand.

The dual flex palm provides flexibility in your hand and restricts hand movement. Also, the gloves are breathable and can be used in any season, even in cold weather. 

These catching gloves are perfect for all skill positions like running backs, defensive backs and wide receivers. 

They are available in 3 different colour variants and eight different hand sizes. You can choose your best colour and hand size according to the size chart. In my opinion, the Navy/Red colour looks pretty impressive; the rest is your choice.

10. Pure Athlete Football Receiver Gloves


The gloves are available in more than eight different hand sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the size.

✅ The gloves come with Elite stick silicone gripping to improve catching ability

✅ They are affordable.


❌ People said gloves are not durable for so long.

If you play mostly in the receiver’s position in your team, then you can choose these gloves for you.

Both adults and youths can use pure athlete receivers gloves. They are also available in 8 different hand sizes

It is made up of Elite-stick silicone gripping technology. It is one of the best technologies ever found in a glove. This helps football receivers catch footballs with ease better, and eventually, the gameplay of the player improves by many times.

Another technology implemented into it is two-way stretching. In this way, working off the gloves increases and hugs your hand very tightly and in a very comfortable manner. 

It always feels like a second skin on your hands. You can use these gloves for so many different football positions like cornerback, receivers, running back, tight ends etc.

The gloves are breathable and comfortable enough, which is an essential thing for a player. A strategically mesh panel is placed on the backside of the glove, which allows super breathability. 

Due to this, your hand will always remain at a perfect temperature and absorb the moisture from your hand.

There are four colour options available. Three are of dark colour and white paint. I will recommend you to buy a dark colour glove rather than a white one because a white one will get dirty soon.


Playing football without gloves is kind of difficult for a player. Gloves provide better gripping, flexibility and easy hand movement even in intense gameplay. 

And I hope the above list of the top 10 best football gloves for catching helps you figure out which glove suits best for your playing position.

Note: if you are purchasing gloves for the first time, you should always go through the size chart to find perfect fitting gloves.


The main benefit of wearing football gloves is of course to maximize the player’s ability to catch the ball. Most gloves have a sticky material to get the tacky surface.

Ans.Here is the list of best sticky football gloves:
1. Grip Boost Stealth Pro Elite Football Gloves
2. Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves
3. Battle Double Threat Football Gloves
4. Cutters Game Day Football Glove
5. Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Gloves

If you want to know how to maintain the stickiness of football gloves, you can use the “spitting” method. Alternatively, you can use tape on the entire ball and remove the tape to leave a sticky residue.

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