Heater Sports Slider Lite Curveball Pitching Machine Review 2024

HEATER SPORTS Slider Lite Curveball Baseball Pitching Machine

While you are looking for a good quality pitching machine, the Heater Sports Slider Lite baseball pitching machine will be an excellent choice for you. 

This machine is excellent in all aspects and perfectly improves your pitching skill. This pitching machine comes with an exclusive pivot head design that allows the machine to throw various pitches. 

Undoubtedly, it is a lightweight and affordable practice tool for competitive players. The Heater Slider baseball pitching machine is capable of throwing both curveballs and fastballs. 

It also throws inside and outside breaking balls for various training in the strike zone. The best part is that the automatic 12-lite ball feeder lets the user practice solo. 

So, both adults and kids can practice with this practicing tool without any issue. The users can practice batting without the need for another player. With a simple swivel adjustment, you can hit both curve balls and fastballs. 

You only have to plug the slider into a third-party battery pack or a standard wall outlet to operate it. We must say that with this pitching machine, you can improve your pitching experience in your own backyard.

Speed Range

The Heater Slider Lite baseball pitcher is capable of throwing fastballs, inside breaking balls, and outside breaking balls. We have noticed that this pitching machine comes with a powerful A/C motor that throws the lite-balls at various speeds up to 60 mph. 

This pitching machine gives you the convenience of a speed adjusting feature that lets you adjust the speed from 10 to 60 mph. However, the speed depends on the type of ball you are using. 

This pitching machine also comes with an automatic ball feeder that is capable of holding 12 life balls. You just have to turn on the feeder, and every ball will drop into the Slider pitching machine within every 9 seconds. 

The operation of this pitching machine is also quite easy. By simply twisting the knobs, it can pitch fastballs and left & right handed curveballs. Besides, you can adjust the tripod legs for throwing grounders & Pop-files.

Speed Accuracy

If you consider the speed accuracy of this pitching machine, it is quite accurate. If you will use regulation baseball, it will throw the balls at a maximum of 52 mph. 

At this price point, we consider this speed accuracy truly excellent. However, the speed accuracy remains quite consistent throughout your practice. There won’t be any issue regarding the speed accuracy for lite baseballs. 

Also, we will mention that if you will use lighter balls than the regulation baseballs, the machine will throw them at the speed range of 80 mph. Already, we have mentioned that you can adjust the speed according to your preference. 

This machine throws the baseballs at the lowest speed range of 10 mph. So, if you want your 4 to 6 years child to practice with this machine, it will surely improve their grip by the low-speed setting. 

You can practice this pitching machine at the perfect speed range with the ten different speed settings.


If you consider the quality, this pitching machine is durable enough and comes with safe housing. This machine includes a durable plastic housing that covers a rotating wheel. 

Therefore, we must say that this pitching machine is safe for any age. Also, here you will get the convenience of an automatic 12 ball feeder. So, you don’t have to feed the balls manually. 

If you are looking for a home hitting system in your yard, then the Heater Slider baseball pitching machine will be a perfect choice for you. After using this pitching machine, we have concluded that this machine is quite easy to move. 

Due to the unique design of this machine, you can move this machine easily from one place to another. Also, we have experienced that with this pitching machine, you can practice both batting and hitting drills. 

The best part that we noticed in this machine is that it supports regulation baseball.

Built-in Ball Feeder

Another excellent feature this pitching machine includes is its built-in ball feeder. It can hold 12 balls at a time, and the auto-feeder has an interval period of 8 seconds. 

So, overall you will get 12*8 = 96 seconds of practice time before you collect the balls. Therefore, with this training tool, you won’t even need the help of your coach or parent for supervision. 

Besides, here you will get the convenience of an adjustable knob that will give you the option of ground balls and fly balls. So, you can readjust the machine and prepare it for infield or outfield drills as well.


  • It ensures consistent speed and accuracy.
  • It comes with a built-in ball feeder.
  • This machine provides real-time pitching performance.
  • It is suitable for hitting and fielding practice.
  • It is portable enough.


  • It doesn’t include any special features.
  • At high speed, the motor generates so much noise.
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