Do NFL Players Get New Helmets Every Game?

Football Helmets

Head injuries are a serious concern in the NFL, and one of the most effective ways to prevent them is to wear a helmet that fits correctly.

Changing the helmet after a couple of games compromises a player’s safety. It is also not always possible for all helmets to get the exact fit that a player needs.

So the question arises

Do NFL players get new helmets every game?

No, The NFL does not provide multiple helmets for a single game, they stick to a one-helmet rule. That prohibits players from changing helmets unless the helmet is severely damaged. However, helmets are inspected every so often to ensure that their integrity is not compromised.

How Often Do NFL Helmets Get Replaced?

Replace Helmets

The NFL replaces helmets as needed. On a weekly basis, every helmet is sent out for testing to ensure it is in good condition. These helmets are checked for cracks and imperfections that could cause the helmet to break.

Each helmet used in NFL is retouched before use, retouching involves applying new paint, applying new designs, and giving the helmet a completely new appearance. 

In other words, it changes the whole vibe of a helmet. By the way, the concept of the jerseys is different know Do NFL Teams Get New Uniforms Every Game? checkout the blog.

The NFL helmets, which have different logos for each team, usually get damaged during gameplay. In that case, it is mandatory to replace the logos with new ones. 

Again, changing the logos from the helmet gives a whole new look to the helmet.

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 Continuation with, in order to improve the safety of the helmet, it is necessary to clean the pads and inserts inside the helmets. This will ensure better comfort to the players.

Do NFL Players Get New Helmets Every Season?

In the past, teams would wear multiple helmets in order to match throwbacks and alternate uniforms. But as per the current NFL rules, players should have only one helmet throughout the season, if the helmets are constantly changing, safety shall be compromised.

Helmets are never replaced unless they have been damaged to the extent that the helmet may not be safe at all. Usually, that is why teams do not wear the same helmets with alternate jerseys or throwback jerseys.

For most of the players, wearing the same helmet throughout the season is not a big deal, The NFL stores their team equipment, including Gloves, Cleats, and helmets, safely during the season.

Every week, helmets get checked for deep scratches and cracked areas before use. They also get repainted if needed.

Do Football Players Keep their Helmets?

keep helmets

There is no such rule in the NFL but Yes, they can keep their equipment like helmets, jerseys, cleats, and other items after their playing career. As far as college football is concerned, players need to return their equipment to their respective teams.

As a part of a particular team, the players get attached to their equipment and they don’t want to give it back. It is a part of their game and they want their equipment to be taken care of by themselves after their playing career.

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Do College Football Players Get New Helmets Every Game?

new helmets

For college football players, changing the helmet every game is not allowed unless the helmet has been damaged. In some cases, players may have more than one helmet which they alternate between.

The main concern about switching helmets lies in the fit of the helmet. There are several different sizes of helmets available and they are adjusted by equipment staffers to individual players in different ways, depending on the manufacturer and style of helmet.

It is no surprise that most Riddell helmets, which are one of the most popular brands along with Schutt, are designed with an inflatable bladder system to ensure maximum safety and comfort. 

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In some helmets, the padding can be removed and in others, the padding is fixed to the helmet with straps.

There are a number of colleges that prefer to remain in traditional look but are sometimes tempted to introduce an alternative helmet that matches their uniforms. 

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Whereas some colleges like Penn State, Alabama, Southern California, and Michigan are among those colleges that still have their players wear one helmet as long as it is in good condition.

How Much Does an NFL Football Helmet Cost?

helmet cost

On average, a football helmet can cost anywhere from about $45 to more than $400. The average helmet for varsity players retails for around $200 to $450, whereas the average helmet for youth players costs between $100 and $200.

An NFL helmet costs totally depend upon its style, size, and color. A helmet’s price is also affected by the material it is made from.

 Adding additional safety features to a football helmet can also mean that the price can go higher than the price of a standard helmet.

There are various helmets available from official NFL helmet maker Riddell, ranging from $120 to $400 per helmet depending on the model. Sometimes NFL teams get huge discounts when buying helmets in bulk from the official helmet makers.

The table mentioned below gives you the exact blueprint to the cost of the helmets to the price range the product can come.

Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet

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Riddell NFL Kansas Football Helmet

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Riddell NFL Speed Mini Helmet

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Riddell NFL New York Giants Football Helmet

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Schutt Sports F7 LX1 Youth Football Helmet

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Schutt Sports Vengeance A9 Youth Football Helmet

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Riddell NFL New England  Football Helmet

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Do NFL Players Have to Pay for Their Helmets?

No. Players don’t have to pay for their helmets. However, their teams are sponsored by big brands like Under Armour, Adidas, and Nike. These companies provides each player with a variety of sporting equipment they need.

The only exception is if they request something very difficult to find or very specific. In the majority of cases, they have partnerships with big brands that meet all of their needs.

It is also possible for the player to customize their uniform like helmets, cleats, and gloves according to their fit. As long as these things don’t belong to another brand, they don’t have to pay for them.


NFL is one of the big football organizations that handle each and every team and their players by providing them with the best possible playing equipment.

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The NFL puts a lot of emphasis on player safety, and there are some rules that are in place to ensure this.

From football helmets to cleats all the equipment is carefully examined and tested before giving to any player.

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