Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine With Tall Tripod Review 2024

Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine

The Zooka ZS740 pitching machine looks like a futuristic space rifle that comes with a handle on top. This pitching machine is mounted on a tripod. 

The primary function of this tool is to throw balls. Therefore, it performs excellently as a pitching machine. Both beginners and professionals can use this pitching machine. 

After using this pitching machine, we can say that it is also suitable for practicing fielding with ground balls and high fly balls. This machine is not only limited to throwing baseballs only. 

This pitching machine is even capable of throwing Wiffle balls and softballs as well. Also, this pitching machine can throw tennis balls. Therefore, you indeed consider it a safe tool for young players. 

The best thing we explored in this machine is that it is super easy to set up. Just within a few minutes, you can set up this pitching machine. It is battery operated, and it includes an internal 12 volts battery that perfectly uses the machine. 

Also, you will get the convenience of an added charger, and the battery ultimately gets charged in 10 hours. The battery comes with a typical battery life of 4 to 6 years.

Speed Range

When it comes to the speed range, this pitching machine offers you a speed range of 10 to 70 miles per hour. The best thing we noticed in this pitching machine is its speed reader. 

This speed reader is capable of reading at the perfect speed. Therefore, you won’t make any mistakes while practicing with this pitching machine. 

Besides, you can adjust the speed of this pitching machine as per your requirement. This pitching machine also features a digital control panel where you can adjust the speed setting easily. 

You can even throw the pitches at various speeds and locations in this pitching machine. Undoubtedly, you will get the best pitching performance every time. 

There are a few balls that work perfectly in this pitching machine. The Zooka Zs740 is capable of throwing real baseball, safety balls, tennis balls, and dimple balls. 

As this pitching machine can throw almost all types of balls, people prefer this machine over other pitching machines.

Pitch Types

When we spend a significant amount of money on something, it is mandatory to check the unique features and specifications of that thing. 

For example, if you consider the pitch types, this pitching machine is capable of producing various kinds of pitches. 

It is capable of pitching fastballs with topspin rotation. Thus this pitching machine helps a lot of people to get trained perfectly. And the pitch distance of this machine will be 20 to 65 feet. 

Also, we will mention that this tripod gives you adjustment facilities. The high tripod has a pitch release height of almost 43 inches, and the low tripod has a pitch release height of 24 inches. 

Thus this pitching machine gives the players multiple choices of pitch release height to choose from.

Another excellent thing that we noticed in this machine is that you won’t need any change up here. 

You can do the changeups with a computer, and this computer-controlled changeup is an excellent advantage that makes this machine more efficient.


If you consider the portability of this pitching machine, it is portable enough. The entire pitching tool weighs only 30 lbs that are around 13.6 kg, including the tripod stand. 

We will also mention that the length of the machine is not that much, and the length is only 36 inches. So, you can easily carry the machine from one place to another. 

So, overall we can say that in terms of portability, you can surely opt for the Zooka ZS740 pitching machine.


The quality of this pitching machine is also excellent. It is made of steel that makes this machine more durable and robust. Besides, the outer housing is constructed of high-impact polycarbonate, and the barrel is made of aluminum alloy. 

This specific structure makes this pitching machine more unique. And the good thing is that this pitching machine is robust yet lightweight. 

We must say that the durability of this pitching machine is genuinely outstanding. This machine doesn’t include any external moving parts. Therefore, it easily eliminates a potential weak spot that may be the reason for malfunctioning. 

With only a single charge, this pitching machine can last quite a long. However, we recommend you to have a second battery backup. 

Every charge lets you have 500 throws and pitches. So, if you will have two batteries, the machine will perform for an entire afternoon of baseball practice.


  • This machine can be locked with a password.
  • It is safe and secure to use.
  • The battery ensures long time performance.
  • It can throw both small and large balls.
  • This machine is user-friendly and perfect for fielding practice.


  • It is a bit tricky to adjust the speed.
  • The build quality is average.
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