Best Football Cleats Under $100

cleats under $100

Choosing the best cleats under $100 is a bit difficult task. Here, Adidas wins the race to be the best on this list.

But rather than Adidas, you can also choose some brands with high value in return with low cost. Check out the entire blog to get the best pair of cleats to fulfil all your purposes.

All these cleats are well researched by us on different parameters i.e wet conditions, dry conditions, etc. And then represented in the form of a top 5 list.

We have collected pair of cleats that are suitable for your respective positions to play from. If you want some best cleats, check out the best football cleats page.

Our best pick

Adidas Men's Freak Carbon

Reasons to buy

  • Original product from Adidas
  • Feels comfortable in the field
  • Flexible enough and gives a traction control.
  • Huge number of color combinations.

1. Adidas low top cleat under $100

adidas cleat under $100

Sole is made up of synthetic materials, gives you the best grip in the field. After testing we got shocked by analysing the result in the wet conditions, they performed extremely well. Adidas gloves are also popular in the market. If interested check it out. 

One bad news for adult athletes they are only available for kids. The sizes available will not fit adults. As a result, this is the best Cleats Under $100 for kids.

Feels very comfortable in your child field and will keep the foot safe in harsh condition games.

Available in just two different colors but looks very appealing when worn in the field.


  • Adidas brand
  • Outer surface is flexible
  • Comfortable


  • Only for kids
  • Only 2 color options

2. Adidas mid-top cleat under $100

Adidas cleat under $100

If you want to play with some mid-top feeling in the cornerback or linebacker position, then these pair of cleats will be best for you.

Made from 100% synthetic material which feels very much comfortable Upper part is built from a textile material. You can consider it to be the best Cleats Under $100 on the whole list.

Maintains an appropriate amount of grip while running fast in the field and chasing the ball. It is available in 18 different color combinations, all look extremely fashionable.


  • Adidas original
  • Outsole is built from synthetic
  • Huge color options


  • No issue found

3. Under Armour cleat under $100

UNder Armour cleat under $100

The majority of parts are made from 2 materials called Textile and Synthetic. The upper part is made from textile and the sole is made from rubber.

It provides a high top arch to the foot, The cleats hold the ankle in a very beautiful manner which enhances the gameplay of the athlete in the field. It can perform well in all the positions in the field i.e Linebacker, Quarterback, Tightend.

Available in 4 different colors, the basic color is white and the lower part except sole comes in a different color. In the segment of high top cleat this might be the best Cleats Under $100. 

It feels very lightweight when a player runs while wearing them in the field.


  • High top cleat
  • Lightweight enough to balance
  • All sizes available


  • Only 4 color options

4. Nike Cleat under $100

Nike Vapor Edgecleat under $100

Nike is a big brand as compared to a small one, you can easily trust these pair of cleats. Looks, budget and brand all three requirements get fulfilled in this cleat under $100.

The uniqueness of this product is ghost laces with a breathable cloth over them. This makes the cleat stand out as compared with any other cleats. You can also go ahead with the best Nike gloves if interested. 

The sole is made from rubber and the upper body is built from synthetic materials which makes it more durable, easy to handle as well. 

Comes in 5 different color combinations all looks extremely great.


  • 10/10 in terms of looks
  • Nike branded product
  • Easy on and off
  • High breathability


  • Might get loose with time due to ghost laces

5. Nike Edge shark cleat under $100

Nike Vapor Edge SharkNike Vapor Edge cleat under $100

The sole is made up of rubber gives you a better grip while running in the field. It is a low top cleat that fits extremely well into your foot.

The inner sole gives better comfort and the outer material is breathable enough to give you a better feeling of cross ventilation. In the shoelaces segment, this Cleat Under $100 fulfils all your needs.

Comes in three different color combinations, the basic color here kept is white, over it, a simple finishing of secondary color is provided.

Proper rubber traction is provided for durability and to support the foot.


  • Nike Branded product
  • A new technology used known as Fast flex
  • Proper cross ventilation provided


  • Only 3 color options available


We just advice you to find a perfect pair for yourself which suits you in anyway. There are a lot of cleats available in the market, try to purchase the tested once. If you wear typical blades of grass, you are at a higher risk of knee and ankle injuries whenever you’ll make a cut.

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