Do NFL players get new jerseys every game?

Football jersey

In NFL there will be a lot of moments where the jersey of the player will get tired into pieces, as it is a very harsh and intense game. people often get injured due to the action in this game. 

The question might occur in a player’s mind whether you need to change the jersey in every game, hair will get an appropriate answer along with some tips over Jersey.

Yes, after every gameplay in NFL, players have to replace their Jersey with the new one. This happens due to the reason of intense gameplay the jersey gets a lot of damage. Whenever the jersey gets a few damaged players change it immediately.

How often do NFL players get new jerseys?

New Jersey

While talking about practice gameplay players do not change their Jersey and adjust in the same one but during the NFL gameplay players get a lot of stuff and equipment to keep themselves and use to utilize it. In the same bunch of stuff, players get multiple jerseys.

After every gameplay, Jersey gets damaged. Due to this, they have to keep a separate one. normally they have two jerseys and have to wear them and change them only one time.

If the jersey shows any kind of damage they continue wearing the same in the second round. It is not a rule but a convenient way to use the goodies. 

Players do not get any instruction to use same Jersey, they often change it according to the convenience they feel.

What happens to NFL jerseys after a game?

Jerseys are one of the most important segments of the entire uniform. As they are expensive, that is why usually jerseys are not thrown after the first usage.

They can be used for multiple purposes. 

First, if it does not get a high amount of damage only the colour that is faded, or it is used in the NFL game day, this kind of jersey is usually taken out for practice matches.

In the match, there are high chances of the jersey getting damaged.

That is why fresh products do not use in practice matches. in continuation with if the jersey gets a little bit amount of damage it usually goes to auction where people buy it for their collection.

Some players often donate their Jersey to poor people. some players have also found through their jerseys on the audience.

Do NFL teams get new jerseys every year?

New Jersey

The straightforward answer is Yes. NFL players get a new jersey every year, as the game is very intense the player also changes their body size according to the need of the position. 

Hence, the dimension of the jersey might also vary from player to player. Every year tailor takes the size of each and every player. The equipment which gets provided to the players has Jersey along with it.

What year-old Jersey cannot be used on the game day. As the equipment fade off their colours, my time and one year is a very huge time for the jersey to get fade off.

There is also another reason why age 80 cannot be used next year is that not very often but yes team’s uniform changes with time. Hence, manufacturing a new new product get mandatory.

Do NFL uniforms get washed after Every game?

Washing Jersey

The jersey which is got totally damaged often goes to recycle centre. but the jersey which does not get any kind of damage goes to an auction where people buy it for their personal fantasy or passion. sometimes it also gets donated to people.

For the process of auction and donating it to the people, the jersey or whole uniform needs to be properly washed.

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Washing removes all the germs dirt or bacteria from it. and as the player wears a new Jersey every game it looks great even after the second wash.

So, washing the uniform is not a bad idea even if the player keeps it along with themself.

Do football players change uniforms at halftime?

Generally, a lot happens after the first half game overs. players get medical treatment on the injuries which happened in the intense gameplay their equipment get replaced which get damaged or which depends on the convenience of the player.

The assistant of the players usually checks out the condition of the equipment which are worn or used on the field by the players.

Along with the test, players gets provided with some drinks. some players might change their whole uniform depending on the condition they are in.

If the condition of the uniform is very harsh then they have to replace it immediately.

Otherwise, it depends on the personal choice of the player whether they want to change the whole set or replace the partial one. some players continue on the same.

How much does a NFL uniform cost?

Uniform Cost

Since the NFL has dealt with specific companies and bought the product in bulk from those brands, it is near to impossible to take out the actual budget that is spent on a single player.

But still, if we go through the statics, the NFL player’s uniform costs around $2000.

The table mentioned below gives you the exact blueprint to the cost of the uniform to the price range the product can come.


Check Price


Check Price


Check Price


Check Price

Shoulder Pads

Check Price


Check Price


Check Price

The players usually get branded products as there needs to be a guarantee of sustainability inside the field.

If you are planning to buy the full uniform of NFL if your budget allows you can go ahead with the branded products otherwise you can also choose from other companies as well which will give you quality on less budget.


At last, I want to conclude that in NFL it’s very common to change the jersey even at half-time of the match, sometimesin between of the match.

The jersey has to go through a huge attacts in the entire gameplay.

Football is a very intense game where even players get injured so many times. keeping a spear Jersey is mandatory sometimes in NFL.

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