Jugs MVP Combo Pitching Machine Review 2024

Best baseball Pitching machine

If you want to improve your pitching skills, the Jugs MVP combo pitching machine will be your best partner. 

This pitching machine is mainly designed for the pitching machine leagues and youth leagues.

This pitching machine is engineered to load 11” standard baseballs and 12” standard softballs.

It is a truly all in one pitching machine that helps to train any player.

Best Pitching Machines 2022

Jugs MVP Combo Pitching Machine Review


✅ It works perfectly.
✅ It improves your pitching skill.
✅ The build quality is excellent.
✅ It is versatile.
✅ This pitching machine is portable.


❌ It doesn’t include an automatic feeder.
❌ Average customer service.

Speed range

Best Baseball Pitching machine

If you consider the speed range, this pitching machine comes with a speed range of 20 to 60 mph.

This pitching comes with a large 3” LCD. After using this machine, we have seen that the digital display shows the speed perfectly.

Besides, the digital speed can be set perfectly, and you just need to turn the knob to set the speed according to your preference.

Here, we must say that young baseball players can improve their swings with the JUGS pitching machine as the pitches arrive virtually in the same location every time.

It makes the hitting easier, and the players get more fun to practice with this machine.

We have experienced that this pitching machine gives the players a chance to focus on hitting, base running, fielding by replacing the strong pitching.

Therefore, we can say that pitching practice with the JUGS machine is always fast-paced, safe, easy, and fun.

Feeder And Curves

JUGS MVP combo pitching machine gives you the control at your fingertips.

After using this pitching machine, we can say that it is one of the most accessible pitching targeting systems ever developed for a pitching machine.

However, this pitching machine doesn’t come with an automatic feeder. 

But with this machine, you will get the benefits of right and left-handed curveballs and sliders, fastballs and changeups, right and left-handed cutters and split-finger fastballs.

Undoubtedly, you will get the best hitting experience with this JUGS MVP combo pitching machine.

This machine comes with three preset hitting circuits that automatically change between the fastball and changeup.

With this combo pitching machine, we have experienced a real pitcher vs hitter experience every time.

Whatever you play fastpitch softball, slow-pitch softball, or baseball, this machine will throw the balls like a real pitcher.

This combo pitching machine can throw split-finger fastballs, overhand fastballs, left and right-handed curves, overhand curves, drop balls, side-arm curves, knuckleballs, and risers.

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Built quality

Best Baseball Pitching machine

If you consider the built quality, then we must say that this pitching machine is excellent in its build quality.

Undoubtedly, this pitching machine will serve you for so many years after this one-time investment. Here you will get the assistance of quick-Snap release buttons also.

Besides, this combo pitching machine is easy to install due to its defensive short legs. After using this pitching machine, we have seen that it can throw high, slow-pitch arcs.

This machine comes with a patented gooseneck that provides a complete range of movement that quickly changes between the pitch types. 

Jugs MVP Combo Pitching Machine is also perfect for all defensive drills.

Previously we have mentioned that this machine comes with short legs that let you practice all defensive drills.

This pitching machine lets you perform infield fielding drills, catcher pop-up drills, double-play drills, second base tagging drills, deep fly ball drills etc.

The lower release point helps to spin and release the pitch accurately. Thus you will get a real learning experience every time.

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If you consider the portability, Jugs MVP Combo Pitching Machine is portable enough. Jugs MVP Combo Pitching Machine only weighs 56 lbs.

After using this pitching machine, we have concluded that it is pretty easy to carry. Even one person can remove the legs and load the machine in the trunk of a car.

This pitching machine is not only portable but also easy to move and set up. As it comes with removable legs, you can move it comfortably.

Besides, you can adjust the delivery type to simulate overhand and underhand pitches. We will also mention that this pitching machine is easy to use.

However, you have to use the proper extension cord and make sure to maintain the extension cord.

Also, while using Jugs MVP Combo Pitching Machine we have experienced that the cord needs heavy current to operate the machine.

It is recommended to use a cord of 16 gauge size. Otherwise, an undersized cord may cause a drop in line voltage, resulting in overheating or power loss.

Extra Features

By considering all the features of Jugs MVP Combo Pitching Machine, we can say that it is trusted and suitable for every level of baseball. Here, you will get the advantage of the patented grip tite.

Besides, the non-marking pneumatic tires come with an average 20 years life expectancy.

So, you don’t need to worry about its durability either.

Also, we have seen that this machine comes with cast aluminium motor guards that protect the motor against direct hits. 

Jugs MVP Combo Pitching Machine manual PDF

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