Top 10 Best Football Cleats for Linebackers in 2024, Detailed review with buyer’s guide

Best football cleats for linebackers

List of Best football Cleats for Linebackers:

Are you a linebacker on the defensive team, constantly striving to be the most versatile player on the field? If so, you know that your position is critical to the success of the team.

You need to be able to cover the pass, stop the run, and rush the quarterback with lightning speed.

One of the essential pieces of equipment that you need is the best cleats for linebackers.

But with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to know which one is the best for your needs.

That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve done the research and analyzed the top 10 best football cleats for linebackers, so you don’t have to worry about getting distracted by footwear on the field.

As a linebacker, you need to be 4 meters behind the line of scrimmage, and you need to be able to move quickly and change direction at a moment’s notice.

You need cleats that can provide the right balance of traction, support, and comfort.

We understand that you need to have a high presence of mind on the field, so we’ve taken care of the research for you.

Our list of the top 10 best football cleats for linebackers is based on each aspect that matters to you. You can also check out the best cleats for football.  

Built specifically for football players. From traction and support to fit and durability, we’ve considered everything.

So, whether you’re a seasoned linebacker or just starting, make sure you have the right cleats to dominate on the field.

Check out our list, and get ready to elevate your game to the next level!

Best Football Gloves For Running Backs 2023:

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Nike Men’s Alpha Menace

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Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Lux Mc Football Shoe Check Price Button
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Adidas Freak Carbon Mid White/Silver Football Shoes Check Price Button
Adidas Men’s Freak Carbon Low Football Shoe Check Price Button
Under Armour Men’s Football Cleats Check Price Button
Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low Rm Running Shoe Check Price Button
Under Armour Men’s Blur Select Low Mc Football Cleat Check Price Button
Adidas Adizero Cleat – Men’s Football Check Price Button

Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Football Cleats

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1. Nike Men's Alpha Menace


✅ Ankle support with padded collar

✅ It has a stylish design and comes in an original design

✅ There are over ten sizes to choose from

✅ Supports and protects you perfectly


❌ Although there is no major problem

The Nike men’s Alpha Pro 2 football cleat is perfect for those who are willing to raise their performance level with the support of excellent features in a football cleat.

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The most exciting feature of this football cleat is that it boosts the grip when you are on the field irrespective of the playing condition.

These football cleats come with a phylon sole that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Which is the reason why it has an excellent grip. This is one of best cleats in the list of best football Cleats for Linebackers.

It is designed in the way that it captures your ankle and provides additional support and stability without restricting the movement of your foot and maintaining the speed also.

Being in a linebacker position, it is a crucial situation for you if you’re unable to focus on the game due to the discomfort caused by your cleats.

But in this case, you don’t have to worry about such things.

In terms of comfort, Nike doesn’t seem to disappoint you with their products.

A padded collar and the full-length midsole cushioning provides comfort around your ankle and helps your feet to breathe properly.

With the unique design consumers are satisfied with these football cleats.

For a linebacker position, these are perfect in terms of both look and feel.

Talking about the colour variants, they are available in 7 different colours with more than 10 different sizes.

2. Under Armour Men's Spotlight Lux Mc Football Shoe


Traditional knits and TPU are combined in ThreadLock Technology

Ankle-high construction with knit booties for an ultra-comfortable fit

✅ About 6-inches from the arch to the low-top of the shaft


❌ Improper size creates bluster into feet.

Synthetic sole might be the reason why people love the uniqueness of this product.

The cleat maintains a high grip in the field to provide you with better conditions so that your performance could not get compromised.

The cleat captures your whole feat in a very significant way and does not lead to any looseness. Otherwise, it will generate considerable discomfort in the field.

The fitting might be an issue in this cleat if you choose the wrong product size results in blisters. Before making  a purchase do check the size If you don’t know how to measure size of a football glove then check this linked article

The product is lightweight, which is an excellent requirement in Football. Proper ventilation is provided into it for your better and more comfortable gameplay.

Supportive upper, High-rebounded, super foam insole, optimal shock bearing power are some features in it. That is why it is kept in the first position in the list of best football Cleats for Linebackers.

Available in 12 different colors, all are with a bit of bit white shade except black one.

Looks super cool, but I don’t recommend going with the white one, rather than going with some dark color.

3. WRY Men’s Football Boots Cleats Professional Spikes Soccer Shoes


Walking in these shoes is convenient, and the upper is comfortable PVC.

✅ PVC on top, mesh on the inside

✅ A soft and comfortable mesh interior


❌ You may find issues with size

It has a rubber sole to make it more grippy. Rubber soles are strong enough to handle the enormous amount of resistance from the ground. The spikes are also made up of rubber.

Sock mouth gives a very sticky fit to your feet and does not lose its position in the field. Also, upper PVC material keeps you comfortable and makes you feel free.

Hence fitting is an impressive thing to consider in these cleats, that is why it is the part of Best Football Cleats for Linebackers.

The upper part is made up of PVC. The inner sole contains a very soft cushion at the bottom making it very comfortable in the field.

The upper part adjusts itself according to your ankle movements.

One of the turns off factors is that it is only available in two colors.

Both look good with a badging of golden color even both are dark. You can go ahead with both the colors of your choice.

4. Adidas Freak Carbon Mid White/Silver Football Shoes


✅ Materials only made from synthetics

✅ TPU overlay on a textile upper


❌ Dimensional concerns

It is the best Adidas cleats for linebackers which are made up of 100% synthetic material, even the sole is made up of synthetic material.

Synthetic is also capable enough to provide a high grip to you in the field. It makes a proper resistance between ground and spikes.

The shoe outstandingly captures your foot and leaves no vacant space in between, and led you to play very perfectly in the field.

Which, as a result, your gameplay and performance improvements. Which make it a part of the Best Football Cleats for Linebackers list.

Textile upper with TPU overlay is provided into it. There is no confirmation of cushion in the inner soul of the cleats.

The shoes seem to be less comfortable. Purchase at your own risk about comfort.

Only single color is available in this variant, so no choices are left as this is the black color that becomes dirty but no need to wash often. Otherwise, it looks very premium also in foot field. You must also check out Adidas football gloves if you are interested in football.

5. Adidas Men's Freak Carbon Low Football Shoe


✅ The upper is made of synthetic material to make it durable

✅ Providing superior comfort at the entrance


❌ The dimensions of the room are too small and narrow

It can also be considered as best Adidas cleats for linebackers due to its quality. They are also made up of 100% synthetic material; even the sole is also synthetic material.

It produces a high grip from the ground, which makes resistance to maintain your gameplay. This cleat is one of the best in the list of best Football Cleats for Linebackers.

It comes with a regular fit so that no relevant issue will occur in these pairs of cleats.

Also, the upper is made up of synthetic for more durability.

These are very lightweight, so you would not feel and weigh at your foot while running.

These are specially built to give agility and speed for the player in the field.

Hence, comfort cannot expect this comfort in a cleat of this level.

Two color options are available black and white. White comes in 5 color combinations.

But according to our recommendations choose a pair of black color as white becomes dirty very often, like football gloves, you can check how to clean a football glove in a right way.

6. Under Armour Men's Football Cleats


✅ There are five colors to choose from.

✅ The shoes are high traction and breathable

✅ Lightweight materials are used to design

✅ The price is affordable and the quality is good.


❌ Compared to other football cleats, they are available in a limited number of colors

If you are looking for a lightweight football cleat that can ensure your best performance, then Under Armour Men’s Football Cleats are one of the best choices.

These cleats are engineered with a synthetic leather upper with screenprint overlay for added durability,

It not only plays an important role in its lightness but also in its comfortability.

The Rubber moulded cleats provide aggressive traction on all surfaces whether you are running in a rough field or a muddy field.

Its flexibility is still maintained throughout the game.

The circular knitted structure focuses on the foot, makes it easy for your foot to carry, and provides stable ankle support.

Your ankle is perfectly fit around a soft underfoot cushion that helps to stabilize your feet while running.

This cleat is very suitable for linebackers as well as Tight Ends positions, and because its upper surface is made of synthetic and rubber materials, you will find it very lightweight. You can also check out Football gloves for tight end position.

This is also the reason why this cleat has good fitting and comfortability.

The cleats are designed with Full-length EVA midsole material ensuring the cleat provides you with a better look and unique style throughout the game. 

The design has a perfect look and feel, which helps to make sharp cuts when playing.

7. Under Armour Men's Leadoff Low Rm Running Shoe


✅ The sole is made of rubber

✅ For additional protection, the toe cap has a durable overlay

✅ Ankle padding with a collar


❌ A very narrow band of land

A rubber sole is installed at the bottom, which provides a considerable grip. The stitching done is capable enough to bear the high resistance of running in the field. Want a great grip of gloves you can check out best football gloves for catching.

Rubber sole spikes are in a pattern to interlock cleats with the ground.

The low top gives minor fitting to your feet. But then also it captures your feet very tightly. Do not lose its position from the feet.

Which, in return, offers high compatibility to sustain in the field in intense gameplay.

Synthetic upper is very lightweight and durable enough to give you comfortable gameplay.

High heels, full-length EVA midsole, and cushion are the features that make it ultra-comfortable so that you can focus on the field.

Four colors are available, which look adorable. I would prefer to buy the dark one rather than focus on the white one.

They are not machine washable, so you need to wash them from your hand. According to looks, it might be the best football Cleats for Linebackers.

8. Under Armour Men’s Blur Select Low Mc Football Cleat


✅ Cleats with the synthetic top featuring 3D printing look amazing.

✅ The sizes range from 11 to 18 and more than that

✅ We love its comfort, durability and washability


❌ Heel blisters are now a common problem with new shoes.

The under armour blur is a great running football shoe. These branded shoes are designed with a variety of technologies for providing you with a high-performance cleat.

And if you’re looking for the best cleat for the linebackers position read the below features that come with these cleats.

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The cleats come with die-cut EVA insoles that provide ankle support and excellent comfort on your foot.

Talking about the grip, under armour never disappoints with their design and gripping. 

The moulded TPU cleat sheet helps you to provide excellent grip and feels very light when you wear these shoes.

Choosing a comfortable cleat is a difficult task because the shape of cleats is not the same for different bands.

But with these, you will get more than 18 different sizes of cleats, so it is easy for you to choose one that works best for you. Football gloves for quarterback will best suit you in combination.

A comfortable shoe helps to boost your performance to the next level and sometimes gives you extra benefit if you are competing in a race.

The under armour blur low MC football cleats are moulded in a way that they capture the correct shape of your foot and give you a comfortable feel in the field.

Not all shoes come with the latest technology printing but not in this case.

You will get a 3D print on the top of your shoe which makes these football cleats unique as compared to other big brand shoes (which is Adidas and Nike) in the market.

9. Adidas Adizero Cleat – Men’s Football


✅ They are made with 100% synthetic material

✅ They’re pretty lightweight and flexible.

✅ They come with a textile upper with a TPU overlay

✅ They are available in more than 15 different sizes.


❌ The looks are casual.

❌ There is only a single colour variant.

If you are interested in buying a football cleat then the Adidas adizero men’s football cleat is probably one of the best linebacker cleats to buy in 2023.

One of the best things we love about this shoe is its quality, the cleats are made up of 100% synthetic material which makes it the most sustainable and breathable football cleats as compared to others.

The upper portion of cleats is made with textile material with TPU overlay which helps to maximize the strength and provides you with an excellent grip in any weather condition. For cold weather conditions, cold weather gloves are best suitable for you.

Fitting makes it best Adidas cleats for linebackers, the cleat comes with lace closure which gives you a snug feel, also the inner pads wrap around your heels so you’ll get additional support to your ankle.

The upper synthetic leather provides you with extra safety and enhances its durability. 

These cleats are designed to provide you with a high degree of comfort because they are well padded and foam insoles provide you comfort and flexibility inside the shoe.

Which leads to better gameplay and speed improvement. According to comfort, it is the best football Cleats for Linebackers

The looks are not as good if you compare it with the Nike men’s Alpha football cleats.

The cleats look pretty decent in black color, there are no other color choices available.

Though the cleat looks stylish and probably can’t disappoint you in terms of durability and gripping.

10. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Football Cleats


✅ They are made with 100% leather

✅ You will get a typical Adidas shoe Vibe with them

✅ The rubber sole helps stabilize your foot while running

✅ You are available in more than 15 different sizes

✅ Top-rated product on Amazon


❌ Comes in a single colour variant.

❌ A little bit expensive product

Adidas unisex Copa football cleats is another excellent choice if you are looking for football cleats for linebackers. 

With more than 4.5 star ratings these football cleats have become top-selling on amazon. 

Let’s get into its amazing features.

The cleat is made with 100% leather material and also has a rubber sole that’s why it feels much lightweight and provides you with better propulsion.

The impressive thing about this Adidas unisex cleats is it comes with excellent gripping at the bottom which helps to prevent you from slipping while defending in the field. Defensive lineman gloves are available here.

With more than 15 different sizes this football cleat gives you a secure and comfortable fit around your feet.

It feels very lightweight when you wear them, you don’t feel any difficulty while you’re playing the field. As a result, it becomes the best Adidas cleats for linebackers.

Because of the build and design of the shoe once you break in your feet it provides you with extreme comfort.

The cushion padding helps you provide a comfortable fit and makes your shoes breathable especially in summers.

When you see these football cleats for the first time it may look pretty average to you. 

Apart from the looks, they are one of the most durable football cleats you will get. 

How to choose the best Football Cleats for Linebackers Buyer’s Guide :

Cleats Style

Discovering a couple of football cleats that suits your presentation style is fundamental.

You ought to consistently consider your ideal degree of lower leg support and wanted portability while picking.

Individual inclination assumes a significant part in deciding the style of a fitting.

There are mainly three styles in Cleats from which you need to choose.

1. Low-cut cleats: These built without any extended top, low-cut cleats can provide very high manoeuvrability.

These are considered to be lightweight. Skill position players like running backs, receivers and defensive backs tend to go with low-cut cleats.

2. Mid-cut cleats: Mid-tops sit around the ankle and offer more support and protection than low-cuts.

They also don’t restrict mobility and movement as much as high-tops.

Best for the majority of positions that require versatility. Probably the most popular style of football cleat.

3. High-cut cleats: Often referred to as 5/8 cut or higher, high-tops provide the most stability and protection.

Lateral support on high-tops is the absolute best for players who make a lot of side-to-side movements.


But, this comes at the cost of freedom of movement and is often heavier—best for the defensive line.

Cleats Type


This is the most popular type and can also be referred to as the moulded cleat—a soccer cleat used by most soccer players worldwide.

Firm-ground cleats are designed to provide traction and stability on most natural grass soccer fields.

They offer less pressure compared to you can wear them on both FG and AG surfaces.

Soft ground

give better traction on wet and muddy fields. They utilize longer metal studs which are removable by unscrewing them.

The SG cleats are generally heavier than the other types, mainly because the soleplate is constructed around those metal studs.

Right Size

How to know if a pair of cleats fit your wide feet?

This question can only be answered by ourselves because each player has their playing and wearing style.

Some linebackers will choose a pair of cleats that neats your wide feet closely, but there are also some choosing a comfortable type that does not tighten legs.


The most visible part of the cleats is manufactured either with synthetic material or leather material.

If we talk about leather cleats some players prefer leather cleats more than synthetic ones because they are durable, comfortable and fit perfectly.

Synthetic Cleats are not as durable as leather shoes, However, they are still very supportive and budget-friendly.

So, If you are looking for a budget-friendly deal, you can choose synthetic material.

But remember, it does not have the durability and breathability that comes with leather cleats.

Parts of Cleats:

The football cleats consist of four main parts. upper, midsole, insole and outsole.

Combining all four of them provides you with a perfect combination of comfort and protection. 

Knowing them all will help you know what to look for next time you buy cleats.


The topmost part of a cleat is called the upper, where the shoelaces are attached.

This part of the cleat is usually made of either synthetic or leather material, which protects your feet. 

Also, they resist wear and tear when playing and protects you from injuries.

With the growth in technology, modern football cleats are much more advanced and powerful due to their lightweight strength and higher breathability.


On the other hand, the midsole is often called a touchpad. It provides cushioning for your feet and heels. 

Couchoining not only gives you comfort during the gameplay but also it is designed to reduce the impact while you are playing.


The insole is a detachable cushion that is carefully placed in the cleats. It is used for absorbing vibrations produced during each movement.

Because it is detachable, it can be cleaned at your convenience. You need thick padding to provide you with maximum protection.


The outsole of a football cleat is probably considered the most important part of the cleats because it provides traction and stability to your foot.

It is the base of the cleat and has spikes on it, which helps to provide sufficient traction on the field.


If you have the right information, it is not difficult to buy the best football cleats for linebackers.

In the above article, we have created a list of the best linebacker cleats and I hope it helps you to figure out a pair of football cleats that is a perfect fit for you.

Now It’s your turn to take your performance to a new level of success immediately!

By choosing between the above high-quality products.


Ans. A linebacker should wear all the necessary accessories i.e cleat, helmet, shoulder pad, gloves, which would save a player and even enhance the gameplay.

Ans. It depends on your strategy, high top shoes support the ankle and also restrict its flexibility.

Ans. No, a bigger size cleat will easily be pulled out from your foot in the intense mid-game, if not higher size will lower down your running speed.

Ans. Yes, Due to the high friction produces due to spikes present in the sole and ankle support, you can run faster.

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