Why Do Baseball Players Draw a Line?

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If you are a hardcore baseball fan, you must have noticed players draw a line in the match. Even baseball is such a game that is full of several weird rules. 

So, you can encounter various new things in a baseball match. As today’s topic is to draw a line in baseball, many baseball enthusiasts are concerned about why players do so? 

Before proceeding further directly to the answer, we must say that drawing a line with the bat can lead the player out of the game.

Baseball players draw the line with their bat to argue strikes. However, in baseball, this action is not tolerated. Players draw the line to show the umpire where the ball crossed home plate, according to them. 

But for doing this, the player gets ejected from the game most of the time. This activity is considered disrespectful in baseball as it makes the umpire look bad or make him feel insulted.

What Does it Mean When a Baseball Player Draws a Line?

Baseball is not only the game of strength and techniques, but also it is the game of emotion. Sometimes players want to outburst their emotions and draw a line with the bat to show up an umpire. 

It happens when the players want to keep their statement and show the umpire where the ball actually crossed the home plate. But according to baseball rules drawing a line is not acceptable.

In baseball, drawing a line means that a batter made a line in the dirt with his bat to show where they think the pitch crossed the home plate. It usually happens when a batter gets to strikeout. 

Therefore, the batter does this activity to put his point on a called strike. It is considered an argument with the umpire and becomes the reason for the batter’s ejection.

When a player draws a line in the baseball field with his bat, it may interpret several meanings. Drawing a line in baseball is not a common thing to see in every baseball match. Therefore, many baseball enthusiasts don’t understand what it means or why the players do so?

In baseball, players usually draw a line with their bat in the dirt to argue a strike from the umpire. The player wants to show where he thought the ball crossed the plate by doing this. 

Batters draw a line in the dirt when they get upset with the strike call from the umpire. But according to the baseball rules, this move is controversial as it lets the batter eject after drawing a line in the dirt with the tip of the bat.

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Is it Illegal to Draw a Line in Baseball?

Is it Illegal to Draw a Line in Baseball?

No, drawing a line on the baseball field is not illegal. But when players draw a line to argue a strike called by the umpire, it leads the player to get ejected from the game. 

Usually, in baseball, arguing strikes and balls are not allowed, and therefore arguing a strike can be the reason for the player’s ejection.

What Happens If You Draw a Line in Baseball?

What Happens If You Draw a Line in Baseball?

In most cases, batters get ejected from the match if they draw a line with their bat. Sometimes batters don’t even know that they may be ejected by drawing a line. Still, they do so to show their point. However, in some cases, there are exceptions. 

If you talk to experienced coaches, you will know stories of players who didn’t get ejected even after drawing a line. Also, there are several incidents where players get ejected for drawing a line.

 People wonder whether drawing a line in baseball is legal or illegal for this controversial activity.

We have previously mentioned that it is not illegal, but it is not acceptable in baseball. This activity is not entertained in baseball, as arguing a strike is not allowed in this game. Therefore the player who draws a line with the bat gets ejected from the match.

Drawing a line is not mentioned anywhere in the MLB rule book. So it is not strictly illegal. But in the MLB rule book, it is outlined that players are not allowed to argue strikes and balls. 

However, drawing a line is not directly illegal. Instead, it is indirectly unlawful as it’s a way to argue a strike and an unsportsmanlike attitude.

Most baseball fans also consider this activity to argue a strike called by an umpire. Some umpires allow a little bit of argument as they understand batters may get upset at call strikes. 

But there are some lines that umpires don’t allow to be crossed. And drawing a line with the bat is such an activity that umpires don’t entertain. 

Therefore, when a player draws a line in baseball, there is a high possibility the umpire will eject him from the game.

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Why Baseball Player Ejected for Drawing a Line?

Why Baseball Player Ejected for Drawing a Line?

In baseball history, there are several instances where players got ejected for drawing a line with the tip of their bat. For example, baseball player Nicholas Gargan was ejected for drawing a line and arguing with the umpire. 

It was one of the worst strike calls you will ever see in baseball history. In the match, the pitch was nowhere near the plate, and obviously, the umpire was not in favor of Nicholas. Therefore when Nicholas drew a line to keep his point, the umpire immediately ejected him from the game.

There is one obvious way to get an umpire to quickly toss a player out of a baseball game except for physical contact. It happens when the player draws a line in the dirt to show where he thinks a pitch was after the umpire calls for a strike. 

Apart from the previous instance, another instance is the Baltimore Orioles, the third baseman Manny Machado faced this scenario. 

It happened when they played the match against the Detroit Tigers. However, there is nothing to defend Machado. Manny Machado was ejected from the game for drawing a line in this match.

5 Unwritten Rules of Baseball

Pitching Rules in Legal Delivery

Baseball is a game that is full of several known and unknown rules. Even there are many unwritten rules that the players need to be aware of. Some unwritten rules of baseball are;

The first unwritten rule is that a player can’t talk about a no-hitter in progress. When a pitcher gains five-plus innings into a no-hitter, it is a common courtesy, not to mention a no-hitter. 

Still, if the player does it, it will jinx it, especially if the teammate. Fand and announcers, however, do it anyway.

The second rule is that when a player hits a home run, he is supposed to act like he has hit one before. However, it is a typical instance to notice. 

Still, if the player admires a home run, it will be considered disrespectful and stupid as the player won’t know if the ball will leave the park or not.

The third rule is that you can’t step on the pitcher’s mound. The pitcher’s mound is a special place for a pitcher, and Infielders shouldn’t step on the pitcher’s mound or walk over it.

Stealing the base is a bit tricky. But a baserunner can’t steal a base when the team crushes the other. This activity is also considered disrespectful.

If a team is down 11-0 and the man on first tries to steal second base, it is also not allowed. This activity is also considered disrespectful. Besides, it won’t help much as the extra base is not going to be a difference-maker.

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In baseball, usually, batters draw a line to argue strikes on the umpire’s strike call. According to him, batters draw this line with the tip of their bat to show the umpire where the pitch has crossed the home plate. 

However, this action is not at all tolerated in this game. Therefore most of the time, the players who do it get ejected from the game.

There are several ways that a player can get ejected from a baseball game. Improper play, misconduct, and illegal action are the three prime reasons for those players to be ejected. The activities that can lead a player to ejection are;

  • Umpire disagreements
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Distractions
  • Physical contact
  • Returning to the game after getting ejected
  • Applying substances to the game equipment
  • Intentionally delaying the game.


Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about why the players draw a line in baseball. Even though most batters know that drawing a line is not a fair approach, some batters still do it. 

From a batter’s perspective, it is justified to put their point as they do this to show the umpire the exact place where they think the ball has crossed the home plate. 

It is not directly illegal according to the baseball rules. But this activity is not acceptable in the game as it is considered unsportsmanlike behavior. So, it may lead the player out of the game.