What is B Back in Football? 2024 Updates

What is B Back in Football?

In modern football, B backs have been given significant roles on the pitch. They are as responsible as the centre-backs and other positions in the field. 

B backs have been given enough space to maneuver around and leave the centre-backs to make the strikes. 

They run wide and assist in offensive attacks by overlapping. But what is B back actually in football and what do they do?

In football, B back is the soul and heart of the triple option offense. B back is also known as a fullback. The B back should be a tough runner who won’t be afraid of contact. So, we can say that the B back position is very diverse and multidimensional in the triple option offense.

What is B Back?

What is B Back

B back is one of the eleven offensive players on the field during the American football game. The B back position mainly acts as an offensive blocker. Also, he can run and catch the ball on plays. 

The B back position size is similar to a tight end player and they have various roles to perform on offense according to the play. Sometimes B back may rush the ball up to 25 times a game. Therefore, the B back must have impeccable endurance. 

When the B back doesn’t get the ball, he must be tackled by the dive key defender. As the B back position is diverse enough, only smart and dedicated players can apply for this position. 

Irrespective of the right or left position, the B back position’s roles are almost the same. One has to mark the opposing nearest striker and check on the wingers. 

So, it is clear that someone has to be a fast runner to complete the tasks. Therefore, B backs are required to have good communication with the closest centre back. It lets them cover each other. 

B backs prevent the opposite winger from crossing into the box. Thus they can keep the ball away as much as possible from the goal. 

B backs also need to participate in combination play instead of only providing crosses. 

Therefore they are supposed to have high technical efficiency to beat opponents forward without fouling. 

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What is The Triple Option B-Back?

What is The Triple Option B-Back

In 2009-2010, Vince Murray initiated as B back at Navy. During his time at Navy, he has nine touchdowns along with 1,353 yards rushing for the Midshipmen in the triple option offense. 

At that time Vince Murray talked to Dr. Lou Cella, the owner of the Triple Option Football Academy about playing B back in the Triple Option.

Triple option football required excellent speed. Like other positions in the field, for the B back also speed is very significant. However, for the B back position, size is also a very important factor. 

But if the player won’t have a burst, he can’t play B back. In triple option football toughness and durability are also essential to have for the players. The B back usually gets hit on every play. 

Therefore, he must be tough. Sometimes, a few B backs have toughness and speed, but their body breaks down through the season. Therefore, along with toughness, durability is also necessary for the triple option football.

Is Fullback and B Back Same?

Yes, fullback and B back are considered the same. Already we have mentioned that B back is the significant position of the triple option offense that is called fullback also. 

It is the position in the offensive backfield. Undoubtedly, the B back position is quite diverse in football.

What is the difference between A Back and B Back?

What is the difference between A Back and B Back

In football, slotback is referred to as an A back. Here the slot refers to the specific area between the last offensive lineman on either side of the scrimmage and the wide receiver

The player who lines up between those players is considered the slotback or A back. The position of a back usually appears in Canadian Football. 

Also, it is used in American football nowadays. This position is similar to the wide receiver. Also, A back position has similar traits like running back. A back lines up closer to the offensive line or farther back than a wide receiver. 

He is positioned five yards behind the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. They can run towards the line of scrimmage before the snap. 

On the other hand, B back is a wide defender in a backline of four. He is responsible for joining attacks and creating chances. B backs can do this through forwarding runs that overlap or underlap a winger. 

So, the B backs have to play their role at both ends of the pitch. In the 20th century, B backs were pretty common in football. These players used to be the defensive players. However, there were a few exceptions. 


Overall we can say that similarly to the other positions, B back plays a significant role in football. Hopefully, from the above information, now you know what is B back and what is their responsibility in the field. 

In American football, several players like Marion Motley, John Riggins, Jim Brown, Bronko Nagurski, Franco Harris, and many more gave their best efforts as B back.

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