How to Wash Football Gloves The Right Way

how to wash football gloves

From protective caps, shoulder braces, to foot spikes, football is a game that requires a bunch of peripherals to carry along with yourself on the field.

One of the products is Gloves, which is as necessary as football in-game Football. These gloves require extra care to keep them safe.

You are at a very accurate place to get aware of the process to clean your Football gloves. Nevertheless, not following a professional overview might harm your gloves and make a negative impact on them.

Here we have demonstrated two steps for a professional cleaning of football gloves and some extra points to make you aware with some caring tips.

Machine washing

Machine washing guide

Follow these simple steps to wash them out with a washing machine.

1. Brush them first

This is a crucial step to consider; initially, you need to wipe out all the dirt particles that stay over the glove’s surface.

This is especially when you play in a muddy field. Either if they play in artificial grass.

Before going to the process of washing them in a washing machine, you must check whether they are eligible for washing or not.

If the instructions are in favour, then you must go ahead with the below-mentioned process.

Otherwise, you can skip this process and go ahead with the second way, which is hand washing.

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2. Flip the grip

In this step, you’re just simply preventing your grip from getting damage.

Here you need to flip your gloves inside out and then place them in the washing bucket.

Following this step, you prevent your glove’s outer part, the so-called grip, from the direct hit of hard water.

Before putting your gloves into the washing bucket, please keep them in a pillowcase, or you can use a net bag.

This will further protect your gloves from getting any damage from inside.

By keeping the gloves inside this protected layer, you can put them in the washing bucket.

3. Final wash

Keep the water inside that bucket cold. Do not use high-temperature water; otherwise, it will harm the gloves.

Hot water might damage the gloves and can also decrease the comfort provided by the company.

Also, remember to use a very light detergent; some of the best choices of detergents are listed below.

Here comes the last step to make them dry. Hanging out is the best way to dry up; using the spin feature in the washing machine might have a negative impact on your gloves; please don’t do that.


Hand washing

Handwashing gloves guide

1. Prepare a bath for your gloves.

First, you need to prepare a bath for your gloves. Pour one tablespoon of detergent; you can use mild liquid detergent.

Use simple cold water, which will protect your gloves from any damage. Mix the detergent perfectly into the water by constantly stirring it.

Try using the best quality detergent; otherwise, it will negatively impact your gloves.

2. Rub your gloves properly

Put them in the bucket and place them submerged in the water. Let them absorb the detergent water until they are thoroughly wet.

The best tip is to utilize your fingertips to scrub them while submerged. Always keep priority to some specific parts which are particularly stained or too messy.

Then, you could wear the gloves and rub each other for a proper wash of the front part of the gloves and grip.

Do not use any rough brush to rub the grip; otherwise, it will badly damage the grip.

3. Wash them off

Drain out all the water can be considered as dirty. Pour the second round of water over the gloves because it’s just this time to utilize cold water.

Continuously stir them to drain off all the hard water to mix with cold water and let the gloves lose all the detergent from the surface.

4. Dry them off

Once the soap is all gone, squeeze your gloves over the sink to get rid of as much water as possible. Air-dry them on a flat surface, clothesline, or drying rack.

Remember. Excess heat can damage your gloves. Don’t throw them in the dryer or otherwise try to dry them with another heat source, like a hairdryer.

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Wash Your Gloves When Needed

You’ll notice most of the time, when your machine washes your glove, it loses its grip and has some tears on the surface of the glove.

To reduce the impact of repeated washing, do not wash after each use. Unless they urgently need it, wash it once a week or every other week.

Let the Glove Breath After Every Use:

We know it’s not going to happen that we wash our gloves after every Use, So we have to keep them sweat-free and hygienic.

When you get back to the home, take off the glove and hang them on a clothesline or drying rack so they can breathe. 

Allow any sweat or other moisture to air dry and maintain plenty of air circulation to prevent odor; and Please do not put them in a bag or locker.

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How to Keep Your Gloves Smell Free?

You need to keep the football gloves clean and dry between each wearing to eliminate odors. If you won’t keep the glove sweat-free, it produces bacteria, and it will continue to grow over time. 

Soon, you will need a pair of long-handled pliers to put on your gloves. That’s not great. So, How to Get Smell Out of Football Gloves? Consider using these solutions and find a solution that suits you.

1. Use Teabags

tea bag removes smell

The purpose of tea bags is much more than just brewing satisfying hot drinks. Pick up a few new, unused bags. Tuck one into each pair of gloves.

They will absorb the tenacious smell and keep your gloves dry and fresh smell throughout the football season.

2. Use Dryer sheets

You can also put a dry sheet on each of your gloves before the gameplay.

They have various fragrances to choose from, and you can select one of your favourite fragrances to remove the smell from the gloves.

After practice or competition, change the dry sheet to keep the gloves fresh.

3. Use Old Newspapers

This is the best way to make good use of old newspapers.

Tuck a football glove with newsprint. Paper absorbs moisture and odors.

Change the paper every few days to keep the gloves smelling fresh.

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