How to Make Football Gloves Sticky in 6 Easy Ways

How to Make football gloves sticky

In spite of the fact that they aren’t sorcery – you actually need ability and preparing – tacky football gloves can give you an edge. In the event that you realize how to make football gloves tacky, getting the football will be a lot simpler.

In the relatively recent past, NFL-wide collectors applied Stick-Um not exclusively to their hands, but frequently to their arms, legs, and garbs. Notwithstanding, Stick-Um, pine tar, and numerous different glues are no more “legitimate.”

The soil and grime that get on your gloves during a game can make them lose tenacity. Washing your gloves can revive their crudeness.

Nonetheless, you can’t toss your gloves in the clothes washer in a game. Regardless of whether you are a wide recipient, lineman, or quarterback, you can follow these tips on the most proficient method to make football gloves tacky without defying the guidelines.

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6 Steps to Make Football Gloves Sticky:

1. Spit Method

You have already been instructed that to succeed in life you need Your body, sweat, but sometimes you need to even spit. Yes! To make the best grip this might be the cheapest way to overcome slip and make the glove very sticky to the ball.

Literally, this technique works, if the gloves are dried fully. Spit on the gloves to build a better between the glove and the ball.

In the event, like in school, the college you can make use of water by spurting the glove from a water bottle.

But this method will only be useful during summer seasons because, in other seasons like winter or rainy, a layer of water also forms over the ball which as a result, reduces the grip.

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2. Wipey Method

Take a wipe, move up and rub it between your gloved palms. The activity of spitting over your gloves might disgust you, that’s why here is the wipe strategy.

Take a Clorox and wipe down your gloves – make sure that you don’t forget any fingers! Just after, rub your gloves together to give a check whether they are working well and get an appropriate grippier.

At that point rub your gloves together and you should start to feel them getting grippier.  

The best and easily available wipes are child wipes, You can take them and wipe your football gloves to build high friction during the entire match. It has been recently finished by numerous professional players. It is the best case to apply.

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3. Sun-Dry Method

Sun Dry football gloves

Put your gloves to dry out under the sun, this will again retain the softness of the cushion. Lineman, Wide receiver, and quarterback are some companies that aerate great quality gloves,

these are so the last longing to maintain a grip for a long period of time. Sun technique might look so simple for you but gives very good results.

4. Grip Spray Method:

Football gloves Hand sanatizer

There are many products in the market that help to boost your glove grip and make them stickier. Just like the spit method you can use grip spray to enhance the stickiness of a glove by spraying it on the gripping side. This might be a good practice to make sticky football gloves.

The benefit of using grip spray is that it dries quickly and provides an insane grip. Being a football player, you can use this technique to improve your glove gripping.

5. Removing Football Glove Juice:

The moisture developed inside the glove due to the heat generated while you are playing is referred to as football glove juice. 

It not only reduces the grip of the glove but also harms health because it is rich in bacteria. During the game, you can use a customized towel to wipe the sweat. You can also use some dedicated gloves for sweaty hands.

6. Using Hand Sanitizer:

Football gloves Sticky Spray

Hand sanitizer may remove accumulated dirt and make football gloves sticky because the gel-based hand sanitizer will leave a thin, sticky film on the gloves which can help to provide a perfect grip to your hand.

Tips to Make Football Gloves Sticky

  • Drying Your Gloves

If your gloves are wet, they will not be able to hold the ball well. If there is moisture on your gloves, you can dry them off under the sun before the gameplay.

  • Use Specifically Designed Products

You can use some products that help to boost your glove grip such as lizard skin, grip enhancers, or sticky sprays to improve grip, some leagues do not allow players to use such things on their gloves. If found, you may face serious problems in the league.

  • Keep an Extra Pair for Game Day

Always ready with a second pair of gloves, this will keep you confident in the game.

Changing them when required will save a huge amount of time.

  • Adhesives (as in Don’t)

The rules and regulations in the field or the corporation will not allow you to use adhesive products, i.e Pine tar or Stick-Um to make Football Gloves Sticky.

Be specific with only those products which are allowed by the head of the departments. If you’ll by mistake use those products which do not come under their surveillance will lead you to a high penalty.

Above mentioned steps will not lead to any kind of interruption as they all are allowed.


What material makes football gloves sticky?

Chitosan material is used to make a football glove sticky. Due to its high adhesive property, it reduces the chance of losing a ball from your hand.

How do I make my football sticky again?

If you want to know how to maintain the stickiness of football gloves, you can use the “spitting” method. Alternatively, you can use tape on the entire ball and remove the tape to leave a sticky residue.

How to restore grip on football gloves?

You can try the spit method or use sticky sprays to restore the grip.

Does hairspray make football gloves sticky?

Hairspray is sticky and can temporarily increase grip, but only lasts a few seconds.

How to break in football gloves?

Put your gloves in warm water for 10 minutes and let them dry naturally. Water will make the leather more malleable and stretch easier.

Does hand sanitizer make football gloves sticky?

Yes, the gel-type hand sanitizer leaves a thin, sticky film on the gloves.

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