Can You Use Wood Bats in High School?

Can You Use Wood Bats in High School?

If you have noticed any high school baseball match, you must have noticed that the bats are different from the standard baseball bats. 

Usually, in high school baseball, the players use BBCOR bats. BBCOR stands for the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. The BBCOR bats help to minimize the trampoline effect of a ball that jumps off the bat. 

However, presently many high school baseball players use wood bats. But can you use a wood bat in high school baseball?

Well, the answer is yes, high school hitters can use wood bats. However, most high school players use wood bats during the practice session. Therefore, BBCOR bats are more preferred in high school baseball. 

Most high school hitters prefer to play with lightweight metal bats that ensure faster bat speed and perfect control.

Should You Use a Wooden Bat in High School Baseball?

Base ball bats

In California, you can use wooden bats in high school baseball, and the national high school rules do not even prohibit it. However, local or regional associations can prohibit you from using the wooden bat in high school baseball. 

In some areas of Northern California, the American Legion sponsored the Under-19 summer league, where the players only use the wooden bat. 

Still, it is recommended to use lightweight metal bats that ensure faster bat speed and maximum control. If you want to use a wooden bat, you also have to use a professional ball.

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What is BBCOR?

What is BBCOR?

If you are a baseball fan, you must have heard about BBCOR once. But what does it actually mean? Previously we have mentioned that BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. 

BBCOR mainly manufactures non-wood bats that perform similar to wood bats. It measures the trampoline effect of a baseball bat. Bats that are not BBCOR certified provide a much more significant trampoline effect than wood bats. 

Such bats cause further hits and unfair advantages. BBCOR certified bats are non-wood that provide decent batting performance without having the risk of any damage to the bats. So, you can compare the performance of the BBCOR bats to the wood bats. 

BBCOR bats have a drop weight of -3 or more than it, and the lower drop weight should be -4 to -5.

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Why Do High School Baseball Bats Need a Standard?

Why Do High School Baseball Bats Need a Standard?

High school baseball players all across the country are giving their best in their sports careers to reach the next level. Whether it be college or professional level, the players are passionate about the game. 

In the high school league, the opponents are also trying their best to win and achieve their goals. But to get a win, the players must know details about the baseball bats and the latest baseball bat rules. You can also checkout what are the latest Baseball Rules for Kids.

Prior to the BBCOR standard, the high school baseball leagues used the BESR standard. BESR stands for Ball Exit Speed Ratio. BESR standard measured the ball’s speed when it came off the bat.

Baseball officials noticed several home runs and several offensive performances. Then the BBCOR standard got implemented in baseball. The BBCOR developed new standards to keep the high school players safe. Also, it ensures a fair and competitive match.

The Standard for High School Baseball Bats

For high school players, the baseball bats must meet the official standards. The National Federation of State High School Associations has some rules that the high school players have to follow. 

The high school bats must have the stamp of approval. These bats must go through the BBCOR test to check its standard. The high school baseball bats should meet the required benchmarks. 

BBCOR also helps measure energy loss when the ball comes in contact with the bat. According to the NFHS, a bat must achieve a maximum 0.50 value. 

This number is slightly higher than a wooden bat. To get a BBCOR certification, a bat must be less wider than 2 ⅝”. Also, the baseball bat can’t be 36”.

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What Bats are Legal and illegal in High School Baseball?

Base ball bats

Under the new standards, high school baseball players use the BBCOR bats in California. These bats are designed to perform like wood bats, and the BBCOR bats are capable of limiting the speed of batted balls. BBCOR standards were adopted in high school baseball in 2012.

However, the National Federation of State High School Associations approved the composite bats to fulfill the BBCOR standard. These baths are made of graphite fiber materials. After this rule, California demanded the BBCOR standard for aluminium bats also. 

Aluminium bats are usually used in the high school leagues and little leagues, and these bats are considered legal in high school baseball. Aluminium bats allow higher ball-exit speed that endangers pitchers. Also, the high school baseball bats must have silk screened marks with the letters BBCOR.

The baseball bats that don’t have the BBCOR certification are considered illegal for high school baseball. Also, the two-piece bats are considered illegal in high school baseball. 

Baseball players can’t use the two-piece bats unless the bat has a composite barrel and an aluminium handle. Such illegal or banned baseball bats are; RIP-IT Prototype, DeMarini CF Zen, COMBAT B2 Youth, Marucci CAT 5 BBCOR, and Louisville Slugger OneX Fastpitch.

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High School Baseball Bat Rules

High School Baseball Bat Rules

High school baseball bats come in different sizes, styles, and weights. Some bats are wooden. Whether some other bats are made of a combination of composite material and aluminium.

Hence, to choose the accurate bat for high school baseball, you must know the official regulations of high school baseball bats.

 According to the high school baseball bat rules, the baseball bats must have the BBCOR certification. These bats minimize the risk and improve the player’s performance.

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The BBCOR Standard for Baseball Bats

The BBCOR Standard for Baseball Bats

The new BBCOR standard has replaced the BESR standard. BESR only measured the ball’s speed that came off the bat. On the other hand, BBCOR standards monitor the trampoline effect of the ball that meets the bat. 

The high school baseball bat was changed on the basis of NCAA directed research. According to the research, the BESR certified composite-barrel bats fell out of compliance when they got older.

Two-Piece Bats Rule

Two-Piece Bats Rule

According to the NFHS rule, two-piece bats are considered illegal. These bats are illegal as they include barrels that cover the handle and create a small bump at the point. 

According to the latest high school baseball bat rules, the bats must have a smooth cylinder implemented from the cap’s top to the knob’s top. However, there are some two-piece bats that look like one-piece bats. 

Such bats don’t have bumps on their handles. These baseball bats meet the BBCOR standards. According to the baseball bat rule, the knob of these bats should not be altered.


Yes, you can swing wood bats in high school baseball. High school hitters are allowed to use wood bats in their league games. 

However, most high school baseball hitters prefer to use a BBCOR bat in the match. These bats are more durable and specifically developed to imitate the wood bat performance. 

So, we recommend you use the wood bats for the practice session. But you can play more comfortably with the BBCOR bats.

Yes, wood bats need a USA stamp. If you use multi-piece and composite wood bats, they must have the USA Baseball Certification Mark. 

Otherwise, for the solid, one-piece wood bats, USA Baseball Certification is not very mandatory. It is a specific type of stamp that you need to look at while you play high school league, minor league, Babe Ruth, AABC, or Dixie Youth. 

Later this stamp was replaced with the BPF 1.15 mark that is no longer supported.

Yes, you can use a USA certified bat in high school baseball. USA baseball lets you use two big barrel bats for every age level. Usually, 

BBCOR bats are allowed for the intermediate division and junior league division. But these bats must have the label of a silkscreen or other permanent certification mark.

If your bat will meet the USA baseball bat standard, then you can consider it legal. The legal baseball bat is a smooth, rounded stick. It must be made of wood. 

The material and color of the legal baseball bat must get tested to prove the USA Baseball Bat Standard.


So overall, we can say that wood bats are allowed in the high school baseball. But if you want to get the best playing experience, you must use a BBCOR baseball bat in the high school baseball league. 

These bats cut down the risk of a batted ball screaming back at the pitcher’s head. Besides, these bats give the infielders and pitchers more reaction time on line drives. 

BBCOR bats help to reduce the ball’s speed. So, to give your best performance in the high school baseball, you must use a BBCOR bat.

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