Can You Steal Home in Baseball? 2024 Updates

Baseball Player Stealing Home

It is not very common to see someone trying to steal home in baseball, and it is even the rarest offensive execution in baseball.

A stolen base occurs when a runner proceeds towards a base that he is not entitled to in this game. 

According to the rules, the advance should be credited to the action of the runner. But can you steal home in baseball?

Yes, you can steal home in baseball. But there are several rules that you have to follow for stealing home in baseball. For example, if a runner steals home, the batter has the right to the pitch if one has been delivered. Once the pitch is delivered, the batter can’t interfere with the defense ability.

Can You Steal Home in Baseball?

Stealing Home in Baseball

In baseball, stealing is the most exciting part. However, it is not about the standard play where a runner from third leaves and the catcher tries to throw out a runner to second base. 

It is about a straight steal of home, and can you do so? Yes, it is possible, but it is very effective.

First of all, you must know that you can’t steal home when there are two strikes on the batter and two outs. Also, you can’t steal home when you are up by over 4 or 5 runs. Then when can you steal home?

Well, you can steal home any other time except only the situation mentioned above. Usually, you can steal home whenever the pitcher allows you, and your team is trying the hardest for a run. 

Also, you can steal home when there are two strikes on the batter and less than two outs.

It is a better idea to steal home with one strike or less. However, you need to make sure that the batter knows you are coming.

Undoubtedly, your team will have some signal like a sign from the third-base coach, or something worked out among the players.

Otherwise, you may shout as you approach the plate to confirm the batter doesn’t swing if you don’t have any predetermined signal. 

But it offset the surprise factor. Still, it is a better idea for a safe play.

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What are the rules of stealing home plate?

Baseball Runner Stealing Home

To steal a home plate, you must have very good speed. Stealing a home is not a planned action. 

If the batter misses the pitch, somehow it is between the catcher and the runner. If the runner scores and the pitch is never laid down, it is a steal of home.

You need to go right when the pitch is delivered to steal second or third base. The pitch will reach the home plate before the runner. 

But if the catcher won’t be alert enough to the idea, he won’t get the tag down right. Here the interference rule will get applied again.

With runners on first and third base, the runner on first base steals the second, and the runner on the third reads what the catcher does. Here the catcher can do possibly two things. 

He can either hold onto the ball to ensure that the runner on the third base can’t steal home. Otherwise, he can throw the ball towards the second base. 

The next possibility comes from the pitcher, as he can catch the pitch to throw it back home. If the runner on the third base leaves immediately, the catcher throws the ball, and he will be out. 

Therefore the pitcher should ensure that the throw is going all the way to the second before he leaves.

Before the pitch gets thrown, the runner on the third pitch does some movements to distract the pitcher and force him to balk. 

However, it is not scored as a steal of home but puts the same effect as home stealing.

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When To Steal Home in Baseball?

Usually, in baseball, one can steal home when the pitcher will allow, and the team will be desperate for a run. 

If it is a close game, you can surely steal home in baseball. As there will be a high percentage, you will find various ways to score less than two outs.

Also, you can steal home when there will be two strikes on the batter and less than two outs. 

It will be a better idea to steal home with one strike or less as you won’t want to take the bat out of the hitter’s hands. 

Also, you won’t want any accidents to happen if the batter doesn’t realize that you are coming.

Usually, stealing home is possible when the pitcher doesn’t pay attention and disregards the runner at third. 

It also happens when you attempt a delayed steal with runners on the first and third base. In such a scenario, the runner takes off for second base, and the catcher throws it to the second base. 

At this point, the runner at the third base takes off for home. These are the most common times for stealing home.

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How do you steal home in MLB?

Baseball Home Run

In MLB, a stolen base is possible when a baserunner proceeds by taking a base to which he is not entitled. It usually happens when a pitcher throws a pitch. 

Also, it occurs when the pitcher still has the ball or attempts a pickoff. If he takes the extra base, a baserunner doesn’t get any credit for stealing home. 

He is also not given any credit if the defense accepts the base due to the game’s situation.

In baseball, stolen bases have been an integral part and one of the most controversial aspects. 

The upside of stealing a base is evident, and the runner advances a base and puts himself closer to scoring, and the downside of stealing home is the runner makes an out.


So, it is clear now that you can steal home in baseball. However, it is not often to see someone stealing home in this game, and it is considered the rarest offensive execution in the match. 

But stealing home doesn’t diminish the value of the game, and it even brings more excitement to the baseball game.

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