10 Best Nike Football Gloves in 2024 Reviewed and Tested

Best Nike Football Gloves in 2021

Nike, Inc. is an American multinational company that has engaged itself in designing, manufacturing, and developing at a worldwide level for the sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. 

The headquarters of the company is situated near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area.

This company is the world’s largest supplier of apparel and athletic shoes. 

Along with this, it is also a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with an estimated revenue of US$37.4 billion in its fiscal year 2020 (ending May 31, 2020). During the year 2017, Nike was valued at $29.6 billion.

In 2020 the brand alone was valued at $32 billion, making it the most powerful brand than any other sports brand in the market. 

As of 2020, They have employed 76,700 people worldwide. Nike is now ranking No. 89 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations. 

Choosing the best Nike glove in the entire market is a challenging task.

For your convenience, we have created a list of best Nike football gloves. All these gloves are analyzed and reviewed according to many aspects.

1. Nike Men's Superbad 6.0 Receiver Gloves


✅ The glove provides a high grip with the help of Magna grip palm technology.
✅ You can wash and line dry without any issues.


❌ The size might be an issue if you are looking for XXL or more.

Nike comes with the Nike Superbad 6.0 football glove that delivers the perfect amount of gripping with the help of a Magna grip palm.

It allows a sticky catching surface that helps you to handle the ball and enhance your overall performance.

With the help of adjustable cuffs, they fit perfectly in your hand and provide easy hand movement during gameplay.

These nike gloves are designed with high-quality fabric that makes them lightweight and comfortable. It also comes with thumb padding that provides a secure fit to your hand.

The gloves are designed to provide better comfort whether you’re playing offence or defence. The receiver’s glove comes with the stretch woven back that allows your hands to keep cold and sweat-free.

The breathable fabric also helps to maintain the temperature of your hand by keeping them moisture-free.

These nike gloves look super sticky from the front, and the back with the Nike logo appears on both sides.

The receiver gloves are available in 19 colour variants with six different hand sizes.

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2. Nike Men's Superbad Football Gloves


✅ The gloves fit comfortably in your hand.
✅ The hook and loop provide perfect fitting in your hand
✅ They look good when you wear them.


❌ The gloves are not durable for long.
❌ They are pretty expensive as compared to other brands.

When it comes to buying protective gear, Nike has always been a trustable brand in the market. They produce high-quality products with their latest technology and fulfill the user requirements.

Nike glove comes with their magnigrip palm technology that provides a high grip to your hand and allows you to catch the ball in any wheater condition.

The gloves become more sticky with the unique designs on the front side.

These nike glove features a wrist closure that provides a secure fit and makes your hand movement easy and adjustable.

It comes with a cushion padding in the back that protects you from injuries. Also, The material used in the glove provides high breathability and comfort.

These gloves from nike looks fantastic with the unique design. Also, the white and orange look makes them pretty cool. You can get these gloves in 7 color variants with four different sizes.

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3. Nike Men's Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves


✅ The gloves have excellent cushioning to provide comfortability.
✅ You can use these gloves in dry or wet weather without losing grip.
✅ The breathable material helps to keep sweat-free hands all the time.


❌ The glove is available only in a single colour.
❌ They are only available in large sizes, so if you’re looking for a smaller or bigger size, they may not fit perfectly in your hand.

Another premium quality product by Nike comes in a white/chrome look.

The magnigrip palm technology always boosts the grip and players’ trust from Nike. This technology helps to improve the player catching ability by providing a sticky surface palm.

Also, the design of the glove provides that helps a better grip on the opponent.

These nike glove features a flexible coating on fingers that stabilizes hand movement during gameplay. Also, the adjustable wrist cuff provides a snug and secure fit.

comfortable glove always helps you to play better in extreme conditions. Keeping this thing in mind, these gloves are padded with lightweight cushions that protect your hand, providing a comfortable fit.

The breathable material at the back keeps your hand dry and cool. Also, there is hook-and-loop support for adjusting the glove.

4. Nike Men's SuperBad 4.5 Football Gloves


✅ You can use these gloves in any weather condition without worrying about grip.
✅ The grip is superb when it comes to catching.
✅ The adjustable cuff it’s your tight glove fit.


❌ You can’t get a lot of hand-size options.

Grip is one of the essential factors when you’re choosing a glove. Without a perfect grip, you can’t hold the ball for a long time.

Nike superbad football gloves come with magnigrip palm technology that maximizes catching the surface and helps to tackle the ball in intense gameplay.

The glove fits your hand in a very steady manner. It also has an adjustable cuff that provides a custom fit.

Apart from this, they come with a wrist closure that keeps your hand in a stable position and helps to improve your gameplay.

These Nike gloves are designed with silicone fabric that keeps the glove breathable and at a perfect temperature.

It also helps in absorbing the moisture from your hands and keeps your hands cool and dry.

You can get these Nike football gloves in 5 different colours and four different sizes. For measuring your hand size, you can use the size chart for the best fit.

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5. Nike Men's D-Tack 6 Lineman Gloves


✅ They can be machine washed and dry quickly.
✅ There are a variety of colours to choose from.
✅ The grip is one of the best features of this glove.
✅ They feel lightweight and comfortable when you wear them.


❌ As you know the Nike products are pretty expensive.

These sticky football gloves are manufactured with high-quality gripping material, which is magnigrip.

Nike uses magnigrip technology in almost every glove that they produce. Magnigrip technology helps in improving the stickiness of your palm without worrying about losing it in any weather condition.

These Nike glove fits perfectly in your hand with closer wrist support. It also helps in easy hand movement without losing position. Fitting is the reason they are in the list of best Nike football gloves.

The glove provide comfortable fit to your hand, Also you can use these lineman gloves whether it is cold or rainy.

The navy colour suits perfectly with the white Nike logo in the back. You can also choose between eight more different colours.

6. Nike Men's Therma Fit Running Athletic Gloves


✅ Made up of 96% Polyester material.
✅ With its great breathability, thermo-FIT fabric keeps you warm while keeping you comfortable.
✅ Good performance support


❌ A problem with the stock of products

The grip of these nike gloves is a big thing, as the palm surface is made up of silicon material.

This type of material is competent to maintain friction between the object’s surface and get in touch. Hence, you’ll get a high grip whether you’re running by holding it or throwing it to another player.

The gloved fist to the hand very tightly and attractively captures the needle as it is made up of polyester having a proportion of 96%, Spandex having the ratio of 3%, Polyurethane having a balance of 1%.

This blend of the material makes the fitting of the entire glove up to the mark.

You can wear these gloves during any weather. Whether it is rain, foggy, or a moister in the air, you can play a very great game with these gloves. Also you can check our list of best football gloves for cold weather.

Fleece lining and an extended cuff have been provided in these gloves.

The unique technology is capable enough to have no connectivity between the thumb and forefinger, which as a result, increases your team plays up to a level.

The faces of the gloves are impressive. It is available in black color and packing of white paint over the upper part of the palm. This pure black color looks very incredible as it is made up of polyester.

There is no extra wristband attached at the bottom of the gloves. Still, if it’s very quickly into your hand and does not lose its position.

7. Nike Men's D-TACK 5 Football Lineman Gloves


✅ Receives Superb ventilation through perforated mesh panel.
✅ Wide adjustable strap to give you secure fit.
✅ Hydra grip palm material helps you maintain grip 


❌ Less Durable.

the material used to build the upper surface is polyester, a very sumptuous fabric to make a high grip with the ball. You can easily throw, catch or even run, biting the ball in your hands with the help of these gloves by nike.

It is straightforward for you to concentrate on the game as no one can snatch the ball from you suddenly. That’s why it is in the list of best Nike football gloves.

The fitting of the glove is fantastic. An adjustable wrist band has been provided to you, facilitating you to hold the glove at a particular position.

Your fingers get equal weightage from the glove. As stitching is done very perfectly in these gloves.

These are made up of mesh panels and perforated material. This material and mesh technology provides you very high ventilation to your palm. as a result, you will feel moisture-free in the summers and warm in cold weather.

These nike gloves are available in two different color combinations, two are black colors, and one is white. I would recommend you to buy black colors that are more attractive as compared to white ones.

The solid color also has a remarkable embroidery off-white color over them. Diamond cuts make these gloves very aggressive and make you look lovely during the entire gameplay.

8. Nike Men's Vapor Knit 2.0 Receiver Gloves


✅ Feel more natural and comfortable
✅ Breathable enough to avoid moisture that can disturb.


❌ No color options available

the gloves have a magnetic palm. This means they are capable enough to provide a very high grip on the ball. This is all because the surface area of the globe is appropriate.

As the surface area of the glove will become high, more material will come in contact with the football surface.

The stitching of the gloves is done very perfectly. Fingertips get a dip effect and an equal amount of total on each of them. 

On the fingers, you’ll not feel any looseness. At the bottom, a wrist band is provided, which keeps the gloves at a particular position.

These nike gloves are comfortable enough to provide you destruction-free gameplay. The flexibility provided is a beneficial thing a player wishes to have, fulfilled in these football gloves by nike. 

The gloves cloth is breathable enough so these have captured a position in best nike football gloves.

They provide proper ventilation of air and keep you warm in cold weather and moisture-free in summers.

The gloves look very attractive. The design is super unique. At the backside gradient of black and grey color is provided from fingertip to wrist band. 

At the front side of the palm pen, embroidery is a representation made up of white paint. This looks extremely good. The overall look of the club is spectacular.

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9. Nike Vapor Knit 3.0 Football Gloves


✅ Palm is made up of silicon material, for enhanced grip.
✅ The adjustable cuff it’s your tight glove fit.


❌ No Drawback Detected Yet.

The unique silicone material is provided over the surface of it. Due to this material, the hold of the gloves increases, and as a result, you’ll get distraction-free gameplay.

The gloves are slightly bent. This is to provide a perfect fit to your hand. from this. The club will capture your entire hand and does not leave with any looseness from the glove side. 

The stitching is done very perfectly in these nike gloves to provide you a very comfortable fit. As these gloves comes in the category of best Nike Football gloves. You can use these gloves in different football positions like Running backs, wide receivers, Cornerback etc.

The cushion inside the gloves is an impressive thing provided by Nike. These are capable enough to bear the high impact from other players during intense gameplay. 

This is a remarkable thing you’ll admire after purchasing them.

These nike gloves are available in five different colors, which is a good thing but we don’t recommend you to pick white one because white color catches steel very quickly.

As football is a game connected with dirt, it will require you to watch them very often. The colors are machine washable, So no need to worry about the washing.

10. Nike Men's Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves


✅ Grip is super sticky and provides a security.
✅ It has excellent catching ability.
✅ Made up of 100% Textile material.


❌ Less Durable, get peeled off when too much washed.

Jut because of the silicon palm, due to this gloves are creating a great friction between the ball and outer most surface of gloves. As a result, you’ll get high grip while playing an intense game in the field. 

With this grip no one can easily snatch the ball from you. You can run fast towards the point by taking the ball into your hand.

The adjustable band at the bottom provides a very comfortable fit to your hand, it will not easily loose its position and will be capable enough to capture your hand properly. 

The stitching is done very well in these gloves so that each and every figure will get perfect exposure of fitting.

The 100% textile is the reason of a comfortable gloves, this might be a better choice for you if you’re looking a comfortable gloves. 

These nike gloves are breathable enough to provide a moisture free palm in the game. Along with this, they will also provide a warm temperature to your palm in cold weather. 

The gloves look incredible, as these gloves are available in 3 different colors, Black & White Shade, Golden and Black gradient, Pink & White Gradient. Yes! a good news for girls who paly Football. 

They are available in pink shade in which girls seems to be more interested.


Nike is a well-known brand for designing footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and much more. You can choose any Nike glove from the above list that suites you.

Here is the list of top brands which makes the best football gloves:

  1. Nike
  2. Adidas
  3. Under Armor
  4. Sibertron
  5. Cutters

Here is the list of best football gloves with best grip in 2021:
1. Nike Men’s Superbad 6.0 Receiver Gloves
2. Nike Men’s Superbad Football Gloves
3. Nike Men’s Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves
4. Nike Men’s D-Tack 6 Lineman Gloves


I know it’s not easy to choose a glove when there are many big brands like Adidas, Under Armour, Franklin and a lot more. But you have to choose the one that’s perfect for you and your game.

There are lots of matrices by which you can easily find out the best gloves for yourself like grip, fitting, comfortability, looks and style.

Keeping all these features in mind and doing all the research, we’ve created the above list of the top 10 best Nike football gloves in 2022, and I hope it is easy for you to choose the best one.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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