Finding a glove that keeps you warm till the entire game is a difficult task. But at the same time, it is necessary also. Here, we have created a list of the best football gloves for cold weather that full fill all your need during cold weather. The problem that occurs in cold weather is moisture.

The moisture in the air led the outer surface of the gloves to wet, these droplets then get penetrates the glove and makes you uncomfortable while playing the game. And results in itchiness, anxiety and distractions.

To keep you away from distractions we have shortlisted the best football gloves for cold weather which will keep you focused in the game.

1. Anti-slip Football Gloves for Cold Weather

Wilson NFL Stretch

Looking for the best football gloves for cold weather? Don’t worry, Wilson brings a winter collection of sport gloves for both men and women.

This pair of warm winter gloves are very suitable for winter running, Football, hiking, horse riding, driving, shopping, mobile phone, tablet computer games, and other various activities.

The Glove’s Grip: 

The Gripping is one of the most essential features of any gloves. These gloves come with Anti-slip & Abrasion-resistant Silicone on the palm and fingertips, which allows you to hold objects firmly, which is very helpful for sports, cycling, driving, hiking, etc.

The Glove comes having silicone print with the beautiful classic palm pattern increasing friction while preventing the grip from slipping.

The Glove’s fitness: 

The Glove’s inner part is made up of elastic composite material, which provides a good fit and helps you to grip items very quickly.


The Glove comes with a stretchy cuff that helps you put on and take off your gloves easily. It is also suitable for winters because it can well retain the heat in the gloves to keep the hands warm.

Thickened fleece provides a soft and cosy feel for you and keeps you warm and comfortable. 

This pair of gloves is the warmest football glove in comparison to others.

Looks and features: 

They look stylish in the first look. As you notice, the patterns on the gloves make them look amazing. 

They are also touch-sensitive because the fabric used to make index fingers and thumbs enable you to sensitively touch the screen of your cell phone and tablet.

Looking for a Running back gloves checkout our latest guide.


  • Blend of stretch materials and segmented palm makes it a high quality product.
  • Split silicone material used here to make the palm part. 


  • Little bit Poor steatching

2. GORELOX Winter Warm Waterproof Gloves for Cold Weather

The Gorelex winter gloves are designed with 3 insulation fabrics that protect you against the sub-zero temperatures of cold winter days. If you’re looking for a football glove that performs well in cold weather, these might be best for you.

The grip of the glove: 

The glove comes with the double-shirred elastic wrist with a zipper that keeps the glove close around your skin and protects your hand from dirt, snow, cold wind, and rain.

The anti-slip silicone design in the front of the glove looks impressive and provides a better grip even in the rainy season. 


The gloves are designed with 3D tailoring, which is flexible and superior stretchy at ease. These gloves are winter-proof and warm from the inside.

These gloves are made from silicone and thermoplastic material that provides a comfortable fit to your hands.

Fitness of the glove: 

The glove comes with a double shredded elastic wrist with a zipper to keep the gloves fixed. 

Looks and features: 

The premium design of the gloves looks attractive. It also has an anti-slip silicone design on the palm patches and finger for better grip.

You can buy these gloves in two color variants, black and grey, both the color looks terrific, especially the black one. You can choose between the four different sizes according to your hand. 

Overall these multipurpose gloves fulfill all the needs required in any sport.


  • These built in double coat liner with three insulation of fabrics protect you from the cold temperatures. 
  • Water Resistant enough that it does not lead water to enter.


  • Poor performance in warm weather 

3. Under Armour Men's F6 Football Gloves

Under Armour Men's F6 Football Gloves-min

Under Armour is an American company founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. The company manufactures sports products, footwear, casual apparel. 

The global headquarter is located in Amsterdam. The company is big and reliable as they too much focus on the quality products.

The glove’s grip:

A trusted company manufactures the product. These are meeting all NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards. Here they are giving a considerable grip on the glove so that you can easily handle the ball in an intense game.

Fitting of the Gloves:

The glove fits all well from all five fingers. The stretching of the gloves is done from perfect material. This material gives a high-quality fitting.


The cushion and the foam inserted play a vital role, especially if you’re wearing it for a long run. The outer part is made up of polyester, and the inner surface is made up of very touchy material.

Style and looks:

These gloves are available in 16 color variants, and you can choose wisely according to your choice. They look very cool while performing in the field.

You can also use these gloves in winters as they are the best football gloves for cold weather.


  • Pure Fibers are used to built these.
  • Yes these are Machine washable
  • Special fabric keep hand safe from uncertain temperature.


  • Finger length is extremely long that will fits very well.

4. GearTOP Thermal Gloves for Cold Weather

Are you looking for a glove that can keep up with you no matter the season and the adventure? GearTOP football gloves can excellently fill that spot.

The grip of the glove

With gearTOP’s high-performance multi-purpose gloves, you will be well protected in every adventure.

The high gripping elements in the palm helps you in holding those intense catches in the gameplay. 

Fitness of the glove

The gloves have the right amount of snug that keeps your hand nice and toasty. 

It also comes with a hook and loop strap closure that provides a secure grip to the glove. You can also adjust the fit according to your preference.

These gloves are made from super Roubaix fabric, which makes these gloves comfortable and lightweight.

You can enjoy a four-way stretch that delivers a snug yet comfortable fit. It even accommodates a wide range of hand sizes.


the soft fabric makes these gloves comfortable, fit, and durable. The glove features moisture-wicking and quick-drying technology that helps to stay dry even for the most rigorous activities like running, riding, playing sports. 

This pair of gloves keeps your hand dries even in rain and snow.

Looks and features: 

The glove looks terrific from the front and the backside. The excellent design in the front of the glove seems attractive. 

The gloves come with a touchscreen-friendly thumb, and index fingertips that help send the text through the smartphone and navigate touch screen devices with ease. If you cant to learn how to wash football gloves check out this article.

These gloves are excellent for all four seasons. You can wear it in summer, winter, rainy and snowy weather.


  • The right amount of snug is provided
  • Look too slender for resistance
  • Figure friendly also you can operate your mobile phone from gloves surface.


  • Surface might get ripped off in an intense gaming

5. Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves

Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves-min

Franklin Sports was founded in 1946 in Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA. This company is now too much into manufacturing products like gear, gloves, and much more. 

The CEO of this company has given a report, according to it, they have created an estimated revenue of $200M, which is an outstanding achievement.

The glove’s grip:

The tacky silicone palm with the extended thumb and a forefinger coverage make the gloves stand out and make the gloves super sticky. This stickiness makes you comfortable to snatch, throw the ball quickly.

Fitting of the Gloves:

The contoured neoprene wrap-around wrist closure gives you a very adjustable and smooth fit. Which at the end gives you a high comfort fit. 

The band at the bottom gives you the flexibility to fit and adjust according to your palm size. It might be the best football gloves for cold weather.


The contoured neoprene wrap-around wrist closure gives you a very adjustable and smooth fit. Which at the end gives you a high comfort fit. 

The glove comes with a cushion that prevents you from freezing wind; you can go for it to look for the best football gloves for cold weather.

Style and looks:

The gloves are of pure white color, and they are printed with the USA flag, which is a true sign of patriotism. They look very lavish, and yes, you’ll look fantastic in the entire field.


  • Official NFL gloves
  • Material used to built palm is silicone.
  • Wrap-around wrist makes a comfortale fit.


  • No Issue found

6. Pure Athlete Football Receiver Gloves

Improve your game with Pure Athlete Football Receiver gloves. They use next-generation technology to design the special best football gloves for cold weather that have excellent adaptability and functionality. 

The glove’s grip: 

The receiver glove comes with a unique silicone grip technology that works well even in the harshest weather condition.

It also features a lightweight double-sided stretch material that ensures a comfortable fit and provides ventilation in the whole glove, maintaining your hands’ perfect temperature.

The gloves’ fitness: 

As we see, the two-way stretch fabric allows for a perfect skin fit. 

It also has an adjustable wrist closure providing extra support to the wrist that makes easy hand movement and enhances your performance.


The comfortability of a glove depends on what material is used for making them.

In this glove, premium materials and a comfort engineer design ensure these gloves feel great on your hands, allowing enhanced ventilation and airflow.

Looks and Features: 

These special gloves come with silicone grip technology that helps you play like a professional in any weather conditions. 

Whether it is raining, snowing, or hot, you can wear these gloves without any worry.

These gloves are available in four different colors and five different sizes. Please go through the size chart before buying a glove.

In the end, these gloves consist of all those features that you are looking for in professional receiver gloves. According to me, these are the best football gloves for rain and snow.


  • A perfect way it is stitcheed to provide a perfect fit.
  • Special silicon grip technology makes you a pro in the field.


  • Grip will loose with time.

7. Battle Double Threat Football Gloves:

Battle Double Threat Football Gloves-min

The battle is a company started in 2009 and currently manufactures sports products in a considerable amount. Considering all the factors and pros and cons of the company, you can easily benefit from the quality provided by this company. These are capable enough to make Cold Weather gloves.

Glove’s grip:

These gloves meet NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE limits, which is a fantastic thing from a price point of view. 

The gloves’ front part is made up of very sticky material, which enhances the grip and gives you very smooth gameplay. You can also check out the authentic ways to make gloves sticky .

Fitting of the Gloves:

The material used in these gloves is stretchable and flexible. It can fit into any individual’s palm very easily. 

Due to this, the gloves do not lose their position from your hand, not even in intense gameplay, which gives it a very high score in the fitting.


As discussed earlier, if the gloves’ position does not get disturbed, this will automatically increase the comfort of the gloves. The cushion inserted on the surface of the gloves makes them the best football gloves for wet weather.

Style and looks:

These come in 10 color options. All are solid colors. When you’ll run while wearing these gloves in the field, you’ll look damn cool. 

You can also use these Battle warm winter football gloves in freezing weather.


  • Elite-stick silicone gripping
  • Fabric allows for a perfect second-skin
  • Performs in all weather conditions


  • Plastic might get peel off

8. Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves

Cutters Rev Pro-min

During the 1990s, a boy was too much interested in football. During intense gameplay, he got injured. Meanwhile, he was wearing low-quality gloves. Hence, after a lot of hard work, he started a cutter. Today he is known as Jeff Beraznik.

The glove’s grip:

The most impressive part of these gloves is that they have their patent technology. Through this technology, gloves can provide a high grip to the player whenever they want to control the ball.

Fitting of the Gloves:

 These gloves feel in all five fingers. Gloves are very lightweight, and it just feels like a second skin in your hands. It is available in all sizes, from kid to adult. This will fit in any individual’s hand.


The foam on the gloves’ backside makes you comfortable enough to bear the impact of other players in the entire gameplay. 

These are made up of very rough and rigid material and durable enough to be maintained for years.

Style and looks:

The glove is available in 19 Color variants. You can choose them according to your choice. All colors look beautiful from the backside and even from the front side.


  • C-TACK technology patented by cutter is used over here.
  • Built with high-Quality material.
  • It meets all the standards set by NFHS and NCAA.


  • Less comfortable

9. OGLOVE Waterproof Thermal Football Gloves

When choosing the best receivers gloves for cold weather GLOVE comes with a waterproof thermal technology designed to keep your hands warm and dry in all weather conditions.

The Glove’s Grip: 

This glove comes with an excellent grip and traction, which provides durability and prevents any type of failure.

It is also equipped with anti-slip gel pads on the palm and fingers that improve the ability to catch and hold the ball in any weather condition.

Fitness of the glove: 

OGLOVE comes with a skin-tight fit that feels like a second skin on your hand. 

These gloves are incredibly lightweight and a winning combination of waterproof, windproof, and non-slip grip gel pads for greater stickiness and comfort.  

The Snug fit elastic cuffs help in easy hand movement and ideal for running, cycling, and playing sports.


The OGLOVE provides warmth and comfort fit even when playing for a long time in cold temperatures or heavy rain.

The pair of football gloves feature an adjustable wrist strap that provides comfort and a non-compressing fit.

Looks and features: 

The comfortable grip and slimmer design provide superior performance, maintain control and improve your skills.

The DRI thermal fabric with IPX5 waterproof rating protects your hands from cutting wind, freezing rain, and dewy sports equipment. This Makes these glove one of the best football gloves for rain and snow.

These gloves are equipped with touch-sensitive fabric, which helps you use your smartphone, tablet, or touch-sensitive device without removing the glove. 

You can work precisely with warm and dry hands while wearing these gloves. These gloves are an excellent choice if you are looking best football gloves for cold weather, rain and snow.


  • You can easily operate your mobile through these gloves.
  • Waterproof materials are used to give a moisture-free environment.
  • Use them in multiple sports.


  • No problem found yet

10. Men's Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Cold Weather Football Gloves

Men's Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves-min

Nike, a well-known brand, originated in America, is known for its athletic product manufacturing and exporting worldwide. 

If you’re an athletic kind of person or an athlete, you might have bought Nike shoes or accessories. Is it a reliable brand

Glove’s grip:

 In football, gripping is the primary factor a player focuses on, and it should be the one priority. 

Keeping this thing in mind, Nike has created these pairs of gloves with an excellent grip. A player can easily handle the ball catch throw according to the need.

Fitting of the Gloves: 

These Gloves fit your hands very quickly. The glove will always maintain the position on hand, and the thumb side should not get disturbed. 

When the intense game starts, it requires you to concentrate on the game rather than focusing on the distracting things. Check how to measure hand size to analyze which gloves will suites you most.


Talking about the comfort of the Nike product, you can easily rely on them. A player in the field must focus on the game rather than minding all those stuff, like fitting looseness, etc.

Looks and Features:

The only available color in this variant is white, and yes, the white color becomes dirty very fast. It would help if you can wash very frequently. 


  • Breathable enough with proper ventilation.
  • Stretchable fabric material used.
  • Magnigrip material is used on the palm surface.


  • Chances of getting ripped off


 It’s not easy to choose a football glove when there are lots of brands in the market. But don’t worry, by researching all the gloves currently present in the market, we will pick up the top 10 best football gloves for cold weather in 2021.

And I hope this guide provides you with the most relevant information by assist in choosing the most suitable gloves for you.

Let me know in the comments how this article helps you.


Ans. These above mentioned gloves are the best cold weather gloves which one can buy and use it according to them.

Ans. These below mentioedd are th warmes football gloves.

  • L.L.Bean Baxter State Parka Mittens
  • Carhartt Men’s W.P.
  • Columbia Thermarator Omni-Heat Fleece Gloves

Ans. Wool is the warmest material used in the gloves to provide a warm temperature feel in the field. It is a great fabric to keep cosy. But they aren’t bulky.

Ans. Gloves are the best investments in the football game, as in winter chances of palm to get damage is slightly high. SO wearing a pair of gloves is a right choice.